The Expert Coaches

  • Master Paul McPhail VIII dan, ITF Technical Committee Member

    Master McPhail began training in 1975 and is a former New Zealand competitor, Coach and High Performance Manager.

    Master McPhail worked extensively with General Choi Hong Hi on the final edition (1999) of the Condensed Encyclopaedia in New Zealand and Canada, and has been the Technical Advisor and Chief Examiner for International Taekwon-Do New Zealand since 1990. In 2014 was made a member of the ITF Technical Committee.

    Read more about Master McPhail here.

  • Grand Master Ung Kim Lan IX dan, ITF Technical Committee Member

    Grand Master Lan is a 9th degree black belt and member of the ITF Technical and Instruction Committee. He started Taekwon-Do in 1965, in Vietnam and now lives in Germany – although many months of the year are taken up travelling around the world to conduct instructors courses.

    Grand Master Lan came to Germany in 1969 to study and in 1975 successfully finished his Mechanical Engineering studies. He became coach of the German national team in 1992 and was first person to be awarded Best Coach in the ITF Hall of Fame (2007). Since being promoted to 9th degree has taken on the role of teaching IICs and many other seminars throughout the world.

  • Grand Master Paul Weiler IX dan, Expert Coach

    Grand Master Paul Weiler is a former Physical Education Teacher and currently the President of the ITF. He has held many senior positions in the ITF including being appointed member of the ITF Consultative Council by General Choi Hong Hi in 2001.

    Over the past decade he has spearheaded the Development of Taekwon-Do throughout Africa.

  • Grand Master Michael Daher IX dan, Expert Coach

    Grand Master Michael Daher is from Sydney Australia. Grand Master Daher is an 9th degree black belt, President of the Oceania Taekwon-Do Federation and member of the ITF Board of Directors and a member of the Committee of the development of ITF in Asia and the Gulf regions . Grand Master Daher is the most senior Instructor in the Oceania region and specialises in flexibility, kicking and sparring.

    Grand Master Michael Daher began Taekwon-Do in 1973 in Sydney and was promoted to 9th dan in 2018. He has held many coaching positions including head coach for the Australian National Team.

  • Master Mark Hutton Expert Coach

    Master Mark Hutton (8th dan) began training in 1981 in Central Scotland.

    His classes always centre around the importance of ensuring his students and Instructors are well versed in all aspects of Taekwon-Do from explosive fundamentals and patterns to self defence , with emphasis on the devastating power.

    He believes this must change through education to ensure ITF TKD not only survives but flourishes and is known as both devastating Martial Art and sport at the very highest level.

  • Master Willy van de Mortel VIII dan, Expert Coach

    Master van de Mortel began training in 1976 and is a full time Taekwon-Do instructor and coach. He was 16 times Dutch champion and with them won 146 medals!

    After retiring as a competitive athlete Master van de Mortel has coached teams from the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia and New Zealand. He has also lived and worked as a full time Taekwon-Do instructor in Spain and Italy. He has been the national coach for Norway for over 5 years.

  • Master Steve Pellow Expert Coach

    Master Pellow began his  Taekwon-Do training in September 1980. As well as Taekwon-Do Master Pellow has extensive experience in Filipino martial arts and Aikido.

    Since 1991 Master Pellow has attended many international instructors’ courses, one conducted by the founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi. He has also attended numerous seminars and courses by international instructors such as Master Tom MacCallum, Master CE Sereff, Master Rhee Ki Ha, Master Choi Jung Hwa, Master Leong Wai Meng, Master Van de Mortel, Master Ung Kim Lan, Master Alberto Katz, Master Mark Hutton and Master Jerzy Jedut.

  • Master Mikko Allinniemi Expert Coach

    Master Mikko Allinniemi is a 7th degree black belt and head instructor of many schools throughout Finland. As well as holding many administrative roles over the years, Master Mikko was also a former team member and Coach of the Finnish National Taekwon-Do Team.

    Master Mikko has an impressive list of international competition medals including silver and bronze at ITF World Champs level. He is a licensed trainer for the Finnish Police Special Force, and somehow finds time to be employed full time as a city Architect.

  • Master Gray Patterson New Zealand National Coach

    Master Graham Patterson became the ITF World Grand Champion in 2003, after winning Gold in 4th dan patterns, and silver in power test. He previously won bronze for Power in Argentina in 1999, plus numerous other National titles.

    Graham Patterson was appointed New Zealand National Coach in 2014 and took the team through to Best Country at the ITF World Championships in Italy 2015. He was promoted to 7th dan Master in July 2015.

  • Master Rocky Rounthwaite 8th Dan International Instructor

    Commencing Taekwon-Do in 1976 in New Zealand, Master Rounthwaite has taught Taekwon-Do in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Thailand, and, along with his wife Trish, received a commendation from Taekwon-Do’s Founder, General Choi Hong Hi for “Pioneering Taekwon-Do in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea”.

  • Master Thierry Meyour Expert Coach

    Master Meyour started his martial arts training in 1976, with Judo in Lebanon, the Taekwon-Do in 1979. He achieved his junior black belt 1982.

    Master Meyour has taught in many countries around the world including Italy, Switzerland, France, Lebanon and now Finland. He has also held seminars in Italy, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Lebanon, and USA.

  • Master Gordon Wallace Expert Coach

    Master Wallace started training in Taekwon-Do in 1977 in Elgin, Scotland.  He promoted to 8th Degree Master in 2014 in Dublin. 

    He was one of the founder members of the United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Federation (UKTF) where he was on the Board of Directors from 1993-2007.  He served on the ITF Scotland Board of Directors from 2010 as Treasurer, Secretary General, and also as 3rd Vice President. He is currently on the ITF Umpire Committee.

  • Master Joliette Trân Expert Coach

    Master Joliette Trân, black belt 7th degree, began training in 1981 with her father, Grandmaster Trân Trieu Quan in Canada and assisted him during several international technical seminars. She is twice World Bronze medalist in Individual pattern in 1993 and 2002.

    She holds a master’s degree in public health and a license to practice occupational therapy. She teaches Taekwon-Do since 1990 and has broad experience in teaching students of all ages and all levels. She now specializes in teaching Taekwon-Do to people who are over 50 years-old in order to promote healthy aging and continuous learning.

  • Mr Mark Trotter World Champion & Expert Coach

    Mark Trotter is the current ITF World Champion in 4th-6th degree Men’s Patterns. He is a 9x ITF World Champion, 4x World Cup Champion, Pan American Champion 2016, Asia Champion 2010 and 6 x Oceania Champion. He is also former Vice World Champion in -54kg sparring.

    He is the longest standing member of the New Zealand Taekwon-Do team and when he is not coaching Taekwon-Do or representing NZ overseas he can be found working on well-known blockbuster films as an elite stunt performer.

  • Mr Carl van Roon World Champion & Sport Scientist
    Carl van Roon is a 9 x ITF World Champion and Former 2 x Grand World Champion (Best Overall Competitor for the World Championships in 2009 and 2011). In the 14 year period from 2003 to 2017 he delivered Gold Medal performances at every ITF World Championships in either free-sparring, special technique or pre-arranged sparring.
  • Mr Stephen Tapilatu Expert Coach

    Mr Stephen Tapilatu is one of the legends of ITF Taekwon-Do.

    2 x ITF Taekwon-Do World Champion, 2 x ITF European Champion and 2 x King of Taekwon-Do, and former K1, Kickboxing and MMA Fighter.

    Mr Tapilatu is a professional Instructor, international coach and the current National Coach for The Netherlands.

  • Mr Brendan Doogan World Champion & Expert Coach

    Mr Doogan has trained for over 18 years and is an International Instructor, International Umpire, World Champion in Power Breaking, Assistant New Zealand Coach, and a member of the Standards and Discipline and Tournament Advisor Groups in New Zealand.

    He also writes articles for Taekwon-Do Talk Magazine and for overseas publications, and has even done a Side Piercing Kick on top of an elephant!

  • Mr Johann de Silva Expert Coach

    Johann de Silva is the former Head Coach of the ITF England and currently the Wales Head Coach with considerable coaching experience at international level since 2006.

    A former multiple world champion, he has conducted sparring seminars in Sri Lanka and India, and in February of 2018 he delivered sparring seminars in four cities in Argentina.

    Mr de Silver is the Technical Director of ITF England and Chairman, De Silva Taekwon-Do Association.

  • Mr Hong Looi Expert Coach

    Mr Hong Looi started Taekwon-Do in Malaysia in 1989, then continued his training in New Zealand where he was a member of the New Zealand team in 1999, 2001 and 2003.  He moved to Europe in 2003 and eventually managed to come back home to NZ to win the 2011 Vice World Champion in Wellington, and the 2012 European Champion in Slovenia the following year, defeating the home town favourite and world champion. He also won the 2013, 2015 and 2017 World Champion Team sparring.

  • Mr Jon Sawden Expert Coach

    Jon Sawden is a III Dan Instructor with over 30 years Taekwon-Do experience.

    He was a Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist at the ITF World Championships and one
    World Cup (2014). He competed, trained and taught in Russia, Poland, Italy, Canada, USA, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Jamaica and England.

    He also trained under General Choi multiple times and instructed many seminars in New Zealand and abroad.

  • Ms Soledad Serrano Expert Coach

    Soledad Serrano is one of the ITF World’s most successful and well known athletes from Argentina. Her titles include:

    • World Champion in Patterns and Sparring
    • World Champion individual 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011
    • World Champion for team events 2007, 2009, 2011
    • Pan American champion  2004, 2008, 2010
    • “Hall of fame” Multiple World Champion 2015
  • Mr Michael Lowe Expert Coach
    Mr Michael Lowe began his Taekwon-Do training at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand in 1974. He instructed there from 1978 to 1985, before establishing his current school, Tiger Taekwon-Do, in 1985.
    A V Degree Black Belt and secondary school teacher by profession, Mr Lowe has conducted the beginning instructor courses for International Taekwon-Do for several decades, always striving to provide new and interesting information for our up-and-coming instructors. He has special interests in pedagogy and sports science as they relate to Taekwon-Do.
  • Mrs Melissa Timperley Expert Coach

    Melissa began Taekwon-Do in 2002, a student of Master Paul McPhail. She has been representing New Zealand since 2006 in patterns and sparring and is a gold medalist and world champion in patterns.

    Amongst many awards, she was winner of the Counties Manukau Sports Women of the Year in 2018.

  • Mr Grant Eccles International Umpire

    Mr Grant Eccles is a 6th degree black belt and a NZ Registered Exercise Professional.  He has trained since 1987 and is a past national junior team coach.  He has a physical approach to training and enjoys seeing people’s skills and self confidence develop as their training progresses.

    Mr Eccles is on the New Zealand Tournament Advisor Group and is one of our top international umpires and trainers.  He has umpired in various capacities at seven consecutive world championships.

  • Miss Jacqueline Geurts Expert Kids Coach

    Jacqueline has been training in TKD for 9 yrs and is ranked as a 2nd Dan. She has represented NZ by competing at World Champs and World Cups, medalling in her patterns divisions.

    Having taught for 20+ years over a range of disciplines from martial arts, swimming, science, and performing arts she has mastered her pedagogy. Jacky specialises in teaching and motivating the younger age range of 3 – 7 yrs.

  • Mr Chris Broughton World Champion & Expert Coach

    Mr Chris Broughton is a 2nd degree Black Belt and current New Zealand Assistant Coach.

    He won the gold medal in patterns at the 2009 ITF World Championships in Argentina, and silver in 2011. He has multiple medals in various team events and a gold in sparring at the 2nd Asian Championships in 2010.

  • Mr Sean Neary Expert Coach

    Mr Neary started Taekwon-Do in 2007 and achieved his black belt in May 2012 at the age of 16. He competed from an early age and was soon winning many regional and national titles. He eventually went on to become ITF World Champion in Special Technique.

  • Mr Phil Thompson Leading Self Defence Expert

    Mr Phil Thompson is New Zealand’s leading expert on self defence and violence prevention. With over 20 years experience, he has trained thousands of people from every walk of life from corporate teams of all sizes, CEO’s and celebrities, students to police officers.

    Mr Thompson’s martial arts accredited trainer program formed the basis of the material used for the iTKD Self Defence Syllabus handbook published in 2014. In this video he explains the concepts behind the syllabus, answers questions from instructors and demonstrates effective self defence techniques.

  • Miss Louise McCagh Expert Coach

    Louise McCagh has been competing for Ireland since 2004 with numerous national and international titles. In October 2013 ages 19, she became the first Irish woman to win an ITF World title winning gold in sparring.

    Louise is a Sport and Exercise Sciences graduate and was in New Zealand over the summer of 2015 and agreed to teach a sparring seminar.

  • Miss Courtney Weir Expert Coach

    Miss Weir started Taekwon-Do at the end of 2009, competed as a coloured belt in the World Cup in Brighton 2012 and graded to 1st Dan December 2012. She has been a member of the New Zealand Taekwon-Do team since 2015.

    Courtney has instructed Mini-Kids and Kubz for Master McPhail since 2010, and is assistant instructor of TMT Club for Mr Mark Trotter. During the day she works in Alternative Education for at risk youth.

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