Being a Taekwon-Do instructor (or student) has never been as difficult as it is right now!

But even with our clubs closed we can continue to learn, improve and stay motivated.

TKDCoaching’s Premium Membership gives instructors and students the input they need to stay on track.

A look inside the membership



You are a Taekwon-Do student who want to learn more and become better. Maybe it’s with your patterns, sparring and or any aspect of the art, our premium membership has everything you need to make progress.


Our Premium Membership is centred around you as an instructor. It will give you that much needed in put to be able to continue to motivate your students. As you watch how some of the best ITF instructors teach, those methods and learnings will automatically flow into your own classes.


Bring your members into a central point to continue their learning and keep them motivated. All your club members can have access to the videos and downloads as well as our supportive on-line community.

How does it work?

For a monthly or yearly subscription, you get access to:

Premium Videos

Over 200 hours of Premium Videos.

These are ALL the titles for sale in our shop plus MANY others only available to Premium Members.

Premium Downloads

Access to downloadable training resources and books.

These include the Encyclopaedia of Taekwon-Do, training schedules and many other useful downloads.

Supportive Community

Membership of our private forum where you can ask any of our Expert Coaches questions about the videos.

Our members also use this forum for technical questions and information.

Is there a limit to how much I can watch?

There is no limit. You can watch as many videos as you want, as often as you want – limited only by your own broadband data.

Will I be able to download the videos?

You can stream (watch) the videos when you are signed in to the website on your computer and download videos to your phone or tablet when using the App.

How often do you add new videos?

We add multiple titles each month, building towards having a huge library of quality ITF video resources.

Is it easy cancel my subscription?

Yes you can pause or cancel your membership at any time via a link you will be given when you join. That is no problem at all.

What if it is not what I expected?

We want your Premium Membership to be value for you. If you find it is not what you expected or you are not happy for any reason, then email us inside 30 days and we will refund you in full.

So who is behind this site?

TKD Coaching Premium Guarantee

“If you find it is not what you expected or you are not happy for any reason, then email me inside 30 days and I will refund you in full.”

Master Paul McPhail


  • Monthly
    US$11 per week*
    • Full access to all Premium videos!
    • Downloadable resources
    • Membership of our supportive community
  • Clubs
    US$7 per week*
    • Full access for up to 10 members
    • Downloadable resources
    • 100 member options also available

What our members are saying

  • Great site lots of information. Well done the best Taekwon-do site I have seen.

    Master G K Gassor
    Master G K Gassor Wales
  • I signed up for the tkdcoaching tutorials..a few months should have done it sooner...awesome master hutton videos...core power is where its at - been pushing my students this way!!

     Ian Donnelly
    Ian Donnelly Portugal
  • Great service and platform. The site has served my club well as we are expanding with new instructors holding classes, and the site has been a great tool for them in their teachings. For me personally, the sparring drills have been most useful and thanks to them I won a national competition here in Sweden.

    Hampus Willman
    Hampus Willman Sweden
  • TKD Coaching has provided a unique coaching tool that should be utilised by everyone in Taekwon-Do! It is a mainstay in our furthering education for Instructors and always used in staff training development. To not have this as part of your syllabus is like teaching without the manual. Respect to all involved in this wonderful compilation of tutorials.

    Master Sandy Dunbar
    Master Sandy Dunbar Scotland
  • presents a thorough and modern use of technology, bringing quality ITF Taekwon-do videos to coaches and students alike. I use it often for inspiration to develop new sparring and pattern drills for my students.

    Master Travis Young
    Master Travis Young University of Texas Taekwon-Do
  • Myself and my instructors have gained valuable information and knowledge from the premium members section for Schools. It’s great to see from other instructors the different and inventive ways of teaching the old drills.

    Master Val Douglas
    Master Val Douglas VIII Degree, Ireland
  • I've found TKD Coaching a great resource not only for learning but also for refreshing information that has been lost or forgotten. If you're serious about your Taekwon-Do then this site offers a unique way for students to learn and also for instructors to sharpen their knowledge, keep up the good work.

    Master Ray Gayle
    Master Ray Gayle VIII Degree, United Kingdom
  • The detail in the patterns, the energetic Master Hutton, as well as so many of the countless other videos I have enjoyed. You have put together an amazing resource which has helped me to achieve black belt. The new app makes it even better again.

    Nick Roche
    Nick Roche Cork Ireland
  • I originally joined in desperation because I was so frustrated with my lack of progress and confidence in breaking, but I am now making great strides thanks to the wonderful instructional videos and gaining so much more than that.

    Gayle McGurrell
    Gayle McGurrell Ireland
  • Thank you Sir, it's been a great resource for me.

    Mirfet Hassan-Spiller
    Mirfet Hassan-Spiller T-UK CAMBRIDGE TAEKWON-DO
  • Thank you for launching this wonderful training tool. Since joining, I have learned new things and I have also been reminded of things that I had forgotten.

    Master Frank Primm Jr
    Master Frank Primm Jr USA
  • You have created a goldmine of information. A wonderful resource for Taekwon-Do enthusiasts.

    Mr James Montier
    Mr James Montier
  • It's been a pleasure to have known You for your dedication and passion in TKD since the beginning in Brisbane in the 1980s. Thank You for your hard work, sharing your knowledge and promoting General Choi's Legacy, Taekwon !

    Master Peter Wong
    Master Peter Wong Master Instructor, Perth Australia
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