General Choi on Step Sparring

This video gives a real insight into how the General views the role of step sparring, in particular 1 step and 3 step sparring.

He stresses that 3 step sparring is the most important form of pre-arranged sparring because it teaches good basics such as measurements and angles. 1 step sparring is the next most important form of sparring as it is the closest form of sparring to actual combat.

You will see New Zealander Mark Banicevich and Gray Patterson show 1 step sparring. He was impressed with the performances as it demonstrated a variety of techniques by the attacker. In past seminars he would criticize those who only performed a walking stance punch as the attack.

He makes the comment that the attacker also could have used an attack such as a flying side kick. The attacker is flexible in terms of where they start from.

Favourite quote from this video is: “But if I ask who you love most… definitely you have to say your Mum.”

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