Hip Mobility

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The hips are perhaps the most important area of the body to keep mobile and injury free for Taekwon-Do – especially as we age. Instructors in particular will find this video useful for being able to guide students, regardless of age, with exercises to maintain  hip mobility.

TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video of how to develop and maintain hip mobility.

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Video Highlights

  • Glute Smash and Floss
  • Side Hip Smash
  • Hip external rotation and flexion
  • Chair exercises
  • Hip Capsule mobilisation
  • Use of tools such as foam roller, ball, bands and kettle bells

Duration: 47:40 minutes


In this 47 minute Master Class with Mr Mike Michael Lowe you will learn the exercises to help improve and maintain your hip mobility.

In this video you will learn many exercises and how to use tools such as the foam roller, balls, bands and kettle bells. Mr lowe teaches how get improvement to your hip mobility with a series of simple exercises.

1 review for Hip Mobility

  1. Paul Gunther

    I was able to improve Hwa Rang turning kicks from mid section to the prescribed high section height, thanks again.

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