Hip Mobility in the high glute area

This clip shows excepts of the full coaching session by Mr Michael Lowe

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Do we need core stability training in Taekwon-Do?

Course stability training has been a trend in the exercise world for a decade or more. But what is the core, does it need strengthening and what is core stability training? And more importantly, do we need to do it in ITF Taekwon-Do?

These are the questions Sanna Rantasaari answers in this video, giving you a thorough understanding of the anatomy and function of the core, as well as providing you with some great core stability exercises.

The video is very entertaining as Sanna presents the topic in a fun way.

Hip Mobility

The hips are perhaps the most important area of the body to keep mobile and injury free for Taekwon-Do – especially as we age. Instructors in particular will find this video useful for being able to guide students, regardless of age, with exercises to maintain  hip mobility. TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video of how to develop and maintain hip mobility.

Snippets of amazing old footage

DON’T FORGET TO WATCH No. 10 – Paul McPhail performs Juche forwards and backwards

For my 5th degree black belt grading in 1993 I thought it would be a cool idea to perform Juche Tul forwards then backwards for General Choi.

The plan failed miserably as I started the backwards part… I hadn’t even considered the possibility that General Choi would take offence to it. He turned his head and refused to watch. I figured… well… I may as well carry on now and struggled through to the end.

I passed the grading so I guess the General had forgiven me by the day the results were announced.

Here is the footage of the pattern at the grading.

Foot & Ankle Mobility

TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video of how to develop and maintain foot and ankle mobility.

Good foot and ankle mobility is an important, but often overlooked area that directly impacts our ability to perform at our best in Taekwon-Do. Everything with regard to force production and balance relates to how we are connected to the earth. If our feet and ankles are in good shape then it increases our effectiveness.