Adrian Byrne Interviews

Master Adrian Byrne presents a series of seminars on ITF sparring.

Master Byrne’s philosophy is totally different to almost everything you’ve heard about teaching and learning sparring.

We interviewed Master Byrne about his philosophies and what he covered in the sessions we recorded.

Videos coming to TKDCoaching soon.

Learning Sparring

Sparring Deconstructed

ITF Trends Part 1

ITF Trends Part 2

Building Momentum in Sparring


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Snippets of amazing old footage

DON’T FORGET TO WATCH No. 10 – Paul McPhail performs Juche forwards and backwards

For my 5th degree black belt grading in 1993 I thought it would be a cool idea to perform Juche Tul forwards then backwards for General Choi.

The plan failed miserably as I started the backwards part… I hadn’t even considered the possibility that General Choi would take offence to it. He turned his head and refused to watch. I figured… well… I may as well carry on now and struggled through to the end.

I passed the grading so I guess the General had forgiven me by the day the results were announced.

Here is the footage of the pattern at the grading.

Sparring Deconstructed Part 1

This is our first video release of series of seminars by Master Adrian Byrne from Ireland.

In “Sparring Deconstructed Part 1” Master Byrne introduces the idea of sparring as a game and not as a fight and building the student’s confidence by showing them where they can exert influence and adapting to the student’s abilities.