About TKDCoaching.com

TKD Coaching is the website of Master Paul McPhail (Viii dan, Member of the ITF Technical Committee.

ITF Taekwon-Do practitioners all over the world at one time or another need extra inspiration or expert help with their training. TKDCoaching.com addresses this by providing the best range of free & premium in-depth coaching videos available anywhere on the internet.

About TKDCoaching.com

Helping all levels of ITF TKD students throughout the world

Parents & Kids

Parents needing some help with your children practicing at home.

Beginner Students

Beginner and intermediate students wanting to improve your patterns, step sparring, self defence, breaking or free sparring skills.

Advanced Students

Advanced students who need one-on-one expert coaching, training advice and motivation.


Instructors who need more knowledge, new ideas and more motivation.

Around the web

We were proud to have been featured on a number of prominent websites and blogs, some of those listed below.

The TKDCoaching.com Team

  • Master Paul McPhail
    Master Paul McPhail VIII Dan, ITF

    Master Paul McPhail has been training in Taekwon-Do for over 40 years. He also dabbles in computers, and has been webmaster of the world renowned ITFNZ website since it’s launch back in 1997.

    He had the idea for an on-line coaching after providing video analysis for members around the country, and registered the domain name tkdcoaching.com back in 2011. He called on itkd.co.nz website designer Mike Peetz to once again do his magic to create the new site, which was launched on 15 May 2015.

    Read more about Master McPhail here.

    • Mr Mike Peetz
      Mr Mike Peetz Designer

      Mike Peetz is a 2nd Dan, currently training in Auckland, New Zealand. Mike has had a long association with Taekwon-Do, having initially started his training under Master Evan Davidson in the 80’s.

      Mike was responsible for the initial overall look and feel of the TKDCoaching.com web site; establishing the site typography, visual interface design, color palette standards, page layout details, and the particulars of how the graphics, photography and audiovisual media elements of the site come together to form an integrated whole.

      • Miss Rachel Bates
        Miss Rachel Bates Social Media Manager

        Rachel Bates has many roles at TKDCoaching.com including co-ordinating social media and overseeing communications. She is also a site editor and contributes blog posts.

        Rachel has been Master McPhail’s personal assistant since 2014 both at Warrior Taekwon-Do and at TKDCoaching.com and has been an important team member as the site developed. She is passionate about the possibilities the site represents to Taekwon-Do practitioners all around the world.

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