Special Techniques for Kids

Mr Jon Sawden produces some of the best Special Technique practitioners in the country. How does he do it? He starts young, and he works ...

Master Mariuz Tips – W-shape block

In this video Master Mariusz Steckiewicz gives some quick tips for the W-shape block.

The First Follower Principle

Master Byrne teachers a workshop on how to be a more effective Assistant Instructor, and takes the angle of the First Follower Principle. This is ...


In our next video in our partnership with Master Mariusz Steckiewicz, you will see a very educational video on how to prevent and recover from ...

Technical Quick Tips 19

A look at how to approach a turning kick break - normally a requirement for around blue belt level.

Quick Tips for Sparring 27

Now that the basics have been covered, Mr Trotter moves to to teaching combinations.

Shoulder Mobility

TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video all about shoulder mobility. It is full of using exercises that will ...

Quick Tips for Sparring 26

In this extended clip, Mr Trotter covers the basics of the fading side, turning, back and reverse hooking kicks.

Multiple Opponents

Master Gray Patterson taught this class during the annual Stripes 1 to 1 seminar, where he addresses the effective instruction of self-defense techniques against multiple ...