The Unseen Clips

When we first launched we intended to publish five free clips of each video. We ended up settling on just three, so some of the clips have remained unseen. We have gathered together those unseen clips in to over 1 hour and 20 minutes of special footage for TKDCoaching Members Only.

The clips you will see in this video are by:

  • Mr Carl van Roon – Free Sparring Strategies
  • Mr Mark Trotter – Free Sparring Skills (22:52)
  • Mr Chris Broughton – Free Sparring Drills (34:25)
  • Master Michael Daher – Free Sparring Class  (41:28)
  • Mr Carl van Roon and Mr Mark Trotter – Pre-arranged Free Sparring (44:02)
  • Mr Mark Trotter – Patterns (46.12)
  • Master Rocky Rounthwaite – Power Breaking (53:44)
  • Mr Chris Broughton – Teaching Kids Course (1:04:19)
  • Master Michael Daher – Kicking Class (1:10:14)

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes 

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