The Unseen Clips

When we first launched we intended to publish five free clips of each video. We ended up settling on just three, so some of the clips have remained unseen. We have gathered together those unseen clips in to over 1 hour and 20 minutes of special footage for TKDCoaching Members Only.

The clips you will see in this video are by:

  • Mr Carl van Roon – Free Sparring Strategies
  • Mr Mark Trotter – Free Sparring Skills (22:52)
  • Mr Chris Broughton – Free Sparring Drills (34:25)
  • Master Michael Daher – Free Sparring Class  (41:28)
  • Mr Carl van Roon and Mr Mark Trotter – Pre-arranged Free Sparring (44:02)
  • Mr Mark Trotter – Patterns (46.12)
  • Master Rocky Rounthwaite – Power Breaking (53:44)
  • Mr Chris Broughton – Teaching Kids Course (1:04:19)
  • Master Michael Daher – Kicking Class (1:10:14)

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes 

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Snippets of amazing old footage

DON’T FORGET TO WATCH No. 10 – Paul McPhail performs Juche forwards and backwards

For my 5th degree black belt grading in 1993 I thought it would be a cool idea to perform Juche Tul forwards then backwards for General Choi.

The plan failed miserably as I started the backwards part… I hadn’t even considered the possibility that General Choi would take offence to it. He turned his head and refused to watch. I figured… well… I may as well carry on now and struggled through to the end.

I passed the grading so I guess the General had forgiven me by the day the results were announced.

Here is the footage of the pattern at the grading.

Carl van Roon on Defence, Deception & Proactivity

Imagine being able to get inside a coaching session with a national team 3 months out from a world competition!

In this video you get exactly that as Carl van Roon coaches the New Zealand TKD Team prior to their departure for ITF World Championships in Italy 2015.

The session covers three main themes: Defence, Deception & Proactivity. Mr van Roon explains a number of strategies for each of these ideas, as well as practical examples of how they work.

You see Mr van Roon teaching individuals as well as coaching the whole group.

Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes


Mark Trotter and Carl van Roon are the 2015 world champions in the event of pre-arranged free sparring, and after working together for several years, they now almost speak their own language, as you will hear. This is the key to pre-arranged of course – to be able to communicate easily with your partner to come up with and then refine your routine.

This full video shows highlights from a training session two weeks prior to their gold medal winning performance at the ITF World Championships in Italy 2015. The routine had already been finalised several months before, so in the week leading up to the tournament, this is how they worked.

Gen Choi instructing

Over two decades have now passed since the Founder of Taekwon-Do passed away. Every now and then I reflect that most of the people in my classes, even senior black belts, never got to meet and train with General Choi. That is a great pity as he was certainly a legend – an amazing figure and source of incredible knowledge.

In April 2002, practically on his death-bed, Gen Choi travelled to the United States to fulfil his promise to Grand Master CE Sereff to teach a course for his students. That was considered his last IIC. The previous September was the last full course, held in Jamaica shortly after the devastation of 9/11. As you will hear him say at the end of the video, the world was chaotic and people were afraid to travel. But 30 fanatical Taekwon-Do students gathered in Jamaica regardless to learn from the man himself.

This footage was shot by myself, Mark Banicevich and Graham Patterson – the three Kiwis at the course. It’s not high quality, but nevertheless it is valuable, historic footage to be cherished.

General Choi always encouraged us to ask questions. In fact before each course, he would approach some seniors privately and encourage them to ask lots of questions at the course. He usually wouldn’t discuss techniques much before that – preferring instead to save that for the seminar.

These videos show some techniques that have since been modified slightly since Gen Choi’s passing. The various organisations around the world have sought to standardise techniques as much as possible so it is natural that decisions had to be made on certain points that were ambiguous. The point here is that over the last decade some of these techniques have been changed so check with your instructor before quoting Gen Choi from this video. And in many cases there was no right or wrong answer on how a technique is to be performed. Gen Choi himself would show different variations at different courses. And he modified techniques over time too.

General Choi was most gracious and generous with his time, and was always careful to repeat his key points so they were clear. Sometimes though he would not quite understand what was being asked and go on a bit of a tangent. It was tricky to try and push for an answer sometimes without being disrespectful, so I would normally just stand and wait for as long as I could comfortably get away with – but sometimes eventually you just had to bow and sit down.