A Seminar with Master Mark Hutton

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Witness for yourself a truly amazing seminar by Master Mark Hutton from Scotland. His direct approach to how Taekwon-Do should be taught is refreshing, and this seminar will change the way you think about the art.

Highlights of the seminar include:

  • Your Taekwon-Do journey?
  • “Perform movements” don’t “form movements”
  • Intent, intent, intent!
  • Train your side kick to be effective in self-defence
  • Arc-hand thrust using your body as a devastating follow up
  • Penetrating punches
  • Reverse-knifehand strikes to the legs
  • Fit for purpose leg exercises
  • Using the core with kicking
  • Super fast open-fist punches and knifehand strikes
  • Senior pattern movements and how they should be performed

Duration: 1 hour 43 minutes 

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1 review for A Seminar with Master Mark Hutton

  1. Shane

    I just recently watched a video in which Master Hutton, from Glasgow, is conducting a seminar on “Kicking for over-35s”, which was held in New Zealand. In truth, this video would be beneficial to anyone training in martial arts who is over 20. As we have so many adults students training, my intent was to see what exercises I could incorporate into my own classes, and indeed my own personal training, that would benefit us all. Instead of just a simple recommendation of this video, I find myself writing a review of it, as I was so inspired by the content.

    I STRONGLY URGE any “Connacht Taekwon-do Schools” adult students to purchase this video. It is an investment you will gain from for years to come. Why? Well, for the following reasons:

    * Master Hutton clearly explains that it is not how high you kick that is important, but how WELL. He then proceeds to show how to make the kicks more effective at a lower height, and elaborates on developmental exercises to increase the height of the kicks gradually.

    * As we get older, the ego becomes more fragile. Adults are less like to try new things due to fear of failure. I tackle the topic, myself, frequently in class, and Master Huttton does so excellently here, sharing his own insecurities as a teenager and how he had to work to overcome them. In his unique way, he points the road, and explains that it’s the journey that’s important, not the destination.
    * Despite it being a seminar on kicks, the “Taekwon-do way” is regularly referred to in terms of proper etiquette to others, and also one’s own personal attitude to oneself, i.e. carrying yourself properly – head up, chest up, etc… Crucially, Master Hutton talks about “how“ you determine your value. This, alone, is worth the price of the video.

    * Effective ways for delivering the main Taekwon-do kicks are dealt with thoroughly, and even more importantly the “WHY” of Master Hutton’s reasons are always made clear. Top instructors, in my opinion, are always happy to explain why they want you to do something a certain way. It is the poor instructors who dictate “how”, but never take time to explain “why.” After watching this video, you can justify any changes you make to your techniques with logical reasoning, and you will surely get results with CONSISTENT practice.

    * The seminar finishes off with some dynamic stretching exercises, from which anyone of any age will benefit.

    * This video will, I believe, reduce a lot of the fear and ego-bruising that adults inflict on themselves, either when taking up Taekwon-do as adults, or continuing training from youth into adulthood. It will help them to enjoy their training a hell of a lot more.

    Invest in yourself. Get this. Or don’t.

    Master Fitzgibbon.

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