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SaleBasic Framework for Sparring
Taekwon-Do Terminology
Advanced Sparring DrillsAdvanced Sparring Drills
SaleEjercicios Avanzados de CombateEjercicios Avanzados de Combate
Maximising Patterns
Warrior Sparring Class
Vets’ Seminar
“The Dragon” Sparring Class
Breaking Geometry
Tong-Il Tul with Master Paul McPhail
A Training Session with Master Wallace
Falling & Sweeping
Your Comfort Zone
Women’s Seminar
The Art of Mittology
Moon-Moo Tul with Master Paul McPhail
Combat Master Class
Speed Training
The Empowerment Seminar
Toi-Gye Tul with Mark Trotter
Ul-Ji Tul with Master Paul McPhail
Hip Mobility
Plyometrics Workshop
A Patterns Lesson with Master Hutton
Reaction Drills with Hong Looi
Soledad Serrano Sessions – Jordyn
Training with Grand Master Lan
Special Techniques Seminar
Fun ideas for Teaching Patterns
Juche Tul with Master Hutton
The Evolution of Tong-il
Umpires Course with Mr Grant Eccles
Foot and Ankle Mobility
Conditioning for Breaking
Yoo-Sin Tul with Mark Trotter
Joong-Gun Tul with Grand Master Lan
A Private Lesson with Master Hutton
Pressure Drills for ITF Sparring
Balance with Carl Van Roon
Soledad Serrano Sessions – Melissa
Choi-Yong Tul with Mark Trotter
Sam-il Tul with Mark Trotter
Improve Mobility with Mr Like Lowe
Side Kick Countering with Mark Trotter
Kicking for over 35s with Master Hutton
Master Class with Master Mark Hutton
Soledad Serrano Sessions – Jack
Countering the Lead Leg – Mark Trotter
Hwa-Rang Tul with Mark Trotter
Breaking Class with Mr Brendan Doogan
Kwang-Gae Tul with Mark Trotter
Po-Eun Tul with Mark Trotter
Ge-Baek Tul with Mark Trotter
Finnish Workshop with Master Meyour
Instructors’ Induction Course
A Seminar with Master Mark Hutton
Soledad Serrano Sessions – Twins
Junior Patterns with Melissa Timperley
A Sparring Session with Carl van Roon
Won-Hyo Tul by Master McPhail
Perfecting your five competition breaks
Soledad Serrano Seminar
Defence, Deception & Proactivity
Guardian Angel Kids Self Defence Course
Basic Kicks with Master Patterson
Choong-Moo Tul with Mark Trotter
Choong-Moo Tul en Español
Sparring Skills with Mark Trotter
Advanced Teaching Younger Kids Course
Juche Tul with Mark Trotter
Sparring Session with Chris Broughton
High Performance Warm-Ups
Sparring Class with Master Daher
Choong-Jang Tul with Mark Trotter
Louise McCagh Sparring Seminar
Pre-Arranged Free Sparring
Strategic Scenarios For Sparring
Kicking Class with Master Daher
TKD Made Fun for Kids Seminar
Self Defence Seminar with Phil Thompson
Breaking Seminar with Master Rounthwaite
Self Defence Syllabus
Eui-Am Tul with Mark Trotter
Mini-Kids Syllabus (All Levels)

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