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Complete TKD Video List (with links)

October 2018

Speed Training with Master Mikko

September 2018

Importance of the Skeletal Muscles by Grand Master Weiler [Premium Members Only]

Kwang-Gae Tul,   Po-Eun Tul and Ge-Baek Tul performed by Miss Roisin Giles

August 2018

The Empowerment Seminar by Master Hutton

July 2018

Toi-Gye Tul with World Champion Mark Trotter

Masters Grading 8th dan grading of Master James Rimmer and Master Peter Barbour

June 2018

Ul-Ji Tul with World Champion Mark Trotter coached by Master Paul McPhail

Instructors’ Course – With Master Paul McPhail and Master Mark Hutton

May 2018

Hip Mobility – With Mr Mike Lowe

April 2018

Plyometrics Workshop – With Mr Jon Sawden

March 2018

Respect for the Knife – by Master Steve Pellow

February 2018

A Patterns Lesson with Master Mark Hutton

January 2018

Taekwon-Do Fruit Salad with Master Peter Barbour

September 2017

Special Techniques Seminar by Vinu Vijayakumaran and Sean Neary

August 2017

International Umpires Course [Premium Members Only]

Fun Ideas for Teaching Patterns by Soledad Serrano

July 2017

Juche Tul with Master Mark Hutton

Evolution of Tong-il video and thesis by Master Gray Patterson

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