Dollyo Chagi

Use a chair to hold on to for balance, understand the direction and trajectory, then start working the muscles needed to execute the kick.

Extend your Kicks

Master Hutton often observes people fixated with keeping such a short, snappy position that they fail to extend their kicks fully.

Bandae Dollyo Chagi

Master Thierry Meyour teaches the reverse turning kick as a counter attack. He instructs his students to aim at around the chest height, anticipating the opponent will be leaning slightly as they [...]

Naeryo Chagi

Master Thierry Meyour (7th dan, Finland) takes twins Jukka and Antti Holmen through a downward kick drill, explaining the importance of bending the knee sharply to increase the impact of the [...]

Devastating Side Kick

Devastating Side Kick with Master Hutton   Master Hutton has a beautiful side piercing kick, and he can place it precisely where he wants every time. You will not see him do too many flashy [...]

Let’s See Who Hurts the Most

Master Hutton has a little dig at the way he sees patterns performed at competitors in recent years, where the athletes have no core. They drop into their movement over-emphasising sinewave to [...]

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