Avoid the Side Kick

In this clip Coach Johann de Silva uses a game to learn how to avoid the side kick.The defender must keep the toe inside the square and avoid only by moving the body.The full session is full of [...]

What Makes a Club Great

Mr Kane Raukura – 6th Dan has been training since 1989 and has been the Head Instructor of the Dragons Spirit Club in Auckland since 1997. He motivates Dragons Spirit members with high [...]


Mr Lowe spends a few minutes in the course showing  different ways to mobilise the muscles and joints. Although beyond the scope of this course, he gives the participants an idea and awareness of [...]

Squat Balance Game

This is a fun partner activity that can be used as a warm-up or at any time for that matter. It challenges balance, mobility and strength and even has an element of tactics as well. Good for kids [...]

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