Breaking Seminar: Side Piercing Kick

Multiple world champs competitor Mr Jon Sawden often assists Master Rounthwaite with his breaking seminars, and here he explains the principle behind the side kick break. Getting the correct trajectory of the foot to the board in a straight line is of utmost importance. Do do that, you must get the foot into a high chamber position (“check your toe-nail polish”) as soon as possible after it leaving the floor, to allow it to accelerate to the target in a straight line.

Mr Sawden shows how to set up the break with correct stepping to give the best chance of a successful break consistently. Line up the board at your hip height to gain maximum power.

There are three free videos in this series: Side Piercing Kick | Action-Reaction | Front Elbow Strike

This free clip is part of a breaking seminar by Master Rocky Rounthwaite.
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