Quick Tips for Sparring 9

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I’ll be lucky to be awake…

… if I turn my head away when my opponent attacks.

Something that takes a lot of work. But it is very important not to turn your head when an opponent is attacking… always keep your eyes on what is going on.

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Classic : NZ Self Defence Syllabus 2008

This video technology enables students to compare themselves to experts side by side so that they can see how to improve in visual detail.

The full video gives this kind of analysis so you can see the differences in technique and timing. Even if you are not Riana, you can still get tremendous benefit by comparing someone to an extremely skilled athlete at the same time.

Quick Tips for Sparring 3

He’s trying to push me

If you don’t retract your kick as fast as possible you run the risk of your opponent gaining control of your leg as demonstrated here. The aim is to get the kick back down to the ground as quickly as possible, as we are more venerable with one foot in the air.

Quick Tips for Sparring 5

The sole of the foot

The strategic positioning of the sole of the foot between you and your opponent can get you out of trouble if your opponent rushes in. Check out where Mr Trotter teaches this positioning.

Quick Tips for Sparring 13

The Spread of points

Here Mr Trotter introduces the idea of having a better spread of points by scoring once on your opponent, rather than engaging in an exchange of punches. Try and score without your opponent scoring.