Quick Tips for Sparring 21

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Reverse hooking kick with the rear leg

This drill incorporates the split step learnt earlier and the reverse hooking kick with the front leg

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Quick Tips for Sparring 10

Direct Double Turning Kick

A direct kick is the terminology used when we kick off our front leg without any stepping.

The direct double turning kick is performed with the front kick and with two shifts of the rear foot.

Technical Quick Tips 6

The pattern Choong Moo contains two different types of front strike. The first is movement 2, the knifehand front strike, and the second is movement 13 with the reverse knifehand. The heights and other details are explained in this video.

Side Kick Countering with Mark Trotter

Another in our series of excellent sparring videos with Mr Mark Trotter, this session focusing building an effective counter for the side kick.

Mr Trotter coaches Miss Phillipa Henry through tactics employed against the lead leg side kick, such as using the body positioning to draw in the opponent.

The main counter attack is with the leading hand punch, then following up with a turning kick. Once mastered other techniques are added to the drill including the jab, back kick and reverse hooking kick.

This is an in-depth session showing how a drill is progressed until the student becomes proficient and able to use the counter in actual sparring.

Quick Tips for Sparring 3

He’s trying to push me

If you don’t retract your kick as fast as possible you run the risk of your opponent gaining control of your leg as demonstrated here. The aim is to get the kick back down to the ground as quickly as possible, as we are more venerable with one foot in the air.