Pain Course

At one time or another everyone has to deal with injuries and pain in their training and the resultant frustration, setbacks and remedial treatments.

This is an area of training where Taekwon-Do practitioners often struggle with finding the right balance between training and recovery.

In this collaboration with ITF Patterns Unleashed, Sanna Rantasaari, a physiotherapist and 5th degree black belt delivers a Taekwon-Do specific lecture on PAIN in this new TKDCoaching release.

You will learn:

  • How to understand and deal with pain as a martial artist
  • The relationship between pain and your brain
  • Current trends in soft tissue injury management
  • General guidelines for overuse and traumatic injuries
  • How to endure rehab time
  • Training with pain
  • and more in the Q & A at the end of the session

This is a must-watch course for anyone in Taekwon-Do so you can confidently manage yourself and guide your students on this important but often overlooked issue.


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