Kubz Instructors Course for Members

TKDCoaching Members can gain access to a Full day Kubz Instructors’ course taught by the program creator himself Master Mark Hutton!

The course video has been divided into 67 clips, The first 6 videos are available to Members now, with the remainder available to Members and Kubz Instructors with permission of Master Hutton.


Regardless of whether you have a Kubz class or not, this course will give you many useful tools for teaching children – and adults for that matter!

The program is all about building great communication skills, with simple drills specifically designed for Taekwon-Do.


PART 1 contains 28 videos and includes:

Introduction & Syllabus Outline

  • Kubz is about communication
  • Syllabus outline
  • You don’t have to be like me

Running a Kubz Class

  • The Kubz bow
  • Games
  • You can teach them anything
  • All discipline is brief
  • Stop look & listen

Yellow Stripe – Safety theme

  • Yellow stripe safety
  • Run, yell & tell
  • Hi Mums and Dads
  • You are not coaches

Assessments and ideas for sessions

  • Practical assessments
  • Counting to five
  • They’ll do what they are told

Orange to White Re-cap and more Assessments

  • Syllabus recap
  • Enthusiasm

Role Play and White-Orange Re-cap

  • How to find a partner
  • Role playing “No!”
  • White – Yellow recap

Pad Drills and having a buddy

  • Pad drills and managing kids
  • Respect and discipline
  • Buddy system

Special Needs and Special Parents

  • Special needs kids
  • The parents


Master Hutton Teaching Kubz

  • The Kubz arrive
  • Banana Tag
  • Counting In korean
  • The Jungle Game
  • Kubz on Pads
  • Look & Listen
  • Re-Cap and Strong Voice

The Kubz Gradings

  • How to grade Kubz
  • Grading Structure

Green Stripe Level

  • Etiquette
  • Class Dynamics
  • Green Stripe – Kubz Courage

More Games and How to Lose them

  • The Square Game
  • How to Lose
  • Race of Automatons

Self Defence Drills & Training

  • Self Defence Drills
  • Have Intent
  • What is a black belt
  • I’m all core

People, Language and Green Re-cap

  • Language barriers
  • Recognition game
  • Syllabus questions
  • Everything’s communication
  • Don’t flog a dead horse


How to market yourself and your club

  • Phone technique
  • What to say on the first day
  • The sky child
  • Sell yourself
  • Meet the parents Role play

Tricky kids and how to handle them

  • The child that won’t look
  • The bathroom
  • How to meet & greet

Religion, Money and Difficult Parents

  • Different religions
  • Money
  • Injuries
  • Things and not black & white
  • Aggressive parents

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