Do-San Tul

Do-San Tul is the pattern required at green stripe level. This Coach Me style video features 9 year old Liam Reynolds performing the pattern alone, and then alongside Miss Melissa Timperley.

It is not the intention of these videos to be unnecessarily critical, but more to teach a level of detail that may not be covered in a normal training session. By the use of slow motion we can highlight errors and offer suggestions for improvement.

Some of the points raised by Master McPhail in the video are:

  • Timing of intermediate positions, which Liam does well
  • Correct heights of movements and getting the intermediate positions starting from the correct line of the body
  • Achieving a backward motion on the reverse punch
  • Correct pivoting of the foot on spot turning and for the releasing technique
  • Keeping the hands up at eye level after the front snap kick and kicking to solar plexus height
  • Making sure the hands face the correct way for all intermediate positions.

Performing the pattern is Liam Reynolds, a blue belt from Paul M Taekwon-Do in Auckland, New Zealand. Performing alongside him is Miss Melissa Timperley, ITF 3rd dan Patterns silver medalist at the 2015 ITF World Championships and gold medallist in 2013. Melissa performs the pattern at the end of the video.

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