Taekwon-Do Coaching Cues

Coaching Cues are short phrases you can use to drive home key points. They can be effective in correcting and improving performance.

In Taekwon-Do we tend to mainly use “internal cues”, which are cues that refer to parts of the body. For example, “lift the knee high before you kick”, “twist the fist on impact” etc. External cues however have been proving to be much more effective.

External cues are phrases that don’t refer to any body part. They talk of things outside of the body. For example: “Slice though the boards to the back of the machine” or “point the knot of your belt to the front”.

External cues spark the imagination and bring remarkable results… instantly and also long term.

Finding TKD specific external cues is not easy… but we have made a start! Simply fill in the form to be re-directed you our Coaching Cues page. 

We hope they are helpful.

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TKD Coaching Cues

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