TKDCoaching Club Membership

The TKDCoaching Club Membership is a shared membership suitable for clubs and groups.

With a club membership you can:

  • Develop your members
  • Add value to your training programs
  • Give your up and coming instructors professional development
  • Share the cost with others



The Perfect Gift

Show your club members or instructors how much you value them by gifting them a membership. Inspire and elevate their skills with our extensive library of exclusive instructional videos.

Professional Development

As a forward-thinking instructor, you understand the importance of continuous learning. With our Club Membership, you can expand your members' knowledge base and introduce them to advanced techniques.

Easy Management

Granting access to your club members is hassle-free. Simply subscribe to as the club's representative, and you can easily provide individual access to the students you select.


Monetise Expertise

Charge a nominal monthly fee on top of your regular training fees then provide your members access to as a value-added benefit.

Empower Your Students

Enhance your club members' training journey with our extensive library of Taekwon-Do instructional videos. From beginner to advanced techniques, empowers your students to grow and excel.

Boost Retention and Engagement

By offering exclusive access to, you'll see increased engagement and satisfaction among your club members. A motivated and enthusiastic community leads to improved retention rates.


You decide

One person signs up and grants access to the others. Hassle-free. Simply purchase a Club Membership and add the others in your team to give them access.


Tailor the Club Membership to fit your unique needs. Provide access to a select group of students, friends, team mates... it's up to you.

Amazing value

Let's say you take out the membership and find 10 others to share the cost with. E.G. Club Original Membership costs US$599. Divided by you and the other 10 people = $54.45 each for the whole year!


Martial Arts Elements in Canada are making innovative use of the Club Membership by incorporating the videos into their syllabus. 

“The TKDCoaching Club Membership allows my team of instructors to assign mandatory videos that we have decided are important. Some examples of videos we ask them to watch then follow up on are:

  • Guardian Angel Course
  • Self Defence Master Class
  • Warm-Up, Stretching and Strength

We can easily follow our students’ progress in the TKDCoaching portal.”

Jean-François Filion