Classic ITF Films : ITF Film Part 1

First Official ITF Training film (1973).

Released on Super 8 film with a cassette sound track. This has been digitized with the sound track in two parts.

Introduction and commentary by General Choi Hong Hi and Mr Robert Walson. Includes patterns Chon-Ji to Eui-Am with demonstrations of 3 step sparring, 2 step sparring, breaking, self defence, model sparring and foot sparring. Features Masters Park Jong Soo, Choi Kwang Jo, Kong Young Il and others.

The film also shows footage of the 1973 ITF Demonstration Team in Germany, featuring Masters Rhee Ki Ha, Kong Young Il, Park Jong Soo and CK Choi. This is followed by Bag work and kicking drills by Master Kong Young Il, free sparring and self defence techniques.

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