Breaking with the hands

In this video Master Gray Patterson highlights the importance of the gradual conditioning of our tools to be able to break with our hands safely.

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Classic : NZ Self Defence Syllabus 2008

This video technology enables students to compare themselves to experts side by side so that they can see how to improve in visual detail.

The full video gives this kind of analysis so you can see the differences in technique and timing. Even if you are not Riana, you can still get tremendous benefit by comparing someone to an extremely skilled athlete at the same time.

Conditioning for Breaking with Brendan Doogan

Breaking is an exciting part of Taekwon-Do training and competition requiring not only correct technique but also careful conditioning. Learn in this video how to condition the hand and foot parts safely in a manner Mr Brendan Doogan knows works.

If you are interested in improving your breaking, or an instructor wanting a few new ideas for how to better prepare your students, this video is for you.

Breaking Geometry

Mr Brendan Doogan shares some of his vast knowledge in this TKDCoaching coaching session on Power Breaking. BREAKING GEOMETRY covers the correct angles and trajectory required to maximise your chances of a successful break. A few degrees can make all the difference as you will find out. Mr Doogan demonstrates some of the basic breaks and also covers how you can still break with a turning kick even if your toes can’t pull back as far as you would like.