Trouble Shooting the App

We suggest to watch the video first as this answers a few questions relating to our App.

Why can't I see any of the Premium Videos?

If you are a Premium Member but you can’t see the premium videos because of an UNAUTHORISED message, the first thing to check is that you are actually signed in.

To do that, click the menu on the top left side of the app. When you do that you should see your name.

If you don’t see you name then simply sign-in.

But I'm sure I signed in...

Another way to check if you are signed in is by looking at the app home screen. If you see a menu saying “Upgrade to Premium” then you also know you are not signed in.

I'm Signed-in but I still get an "Unauthorised" message

This probably means your Premium Membership has expired or isn’t working for some reason. Please email us right away so we can take a look.

I use Lastpass for my passwords and I can't sign-in

For some reason Lastpass sometimes doesn’t work with the app. Go into your Lastpass vault and manually copy your password, then paste that into the app. That should work.

Why can't I get hear any sound?

If the videos are playing with no sound, it is normally because you have the mute switch on your phone turned to silent or vibrate only. You could try using headphones to check the sound is there, then make sure the volume is turned up. If the problem persists try deleting the app and re-installing it.

Why does the App not work off-line?

The App requires an internet connection to read our website. If you are a premium member and want to watch videos when you are off-line, such as on a flight, then download the videos to your device first and leave the app open. Once off-line click the downloads menu on the top left of the app to watch your videos.

I'm signed in but I still can't watch the premium videos

This may be due to your premium membership expiring without you knowing. Often email messages about this can go to your spam folder so they get missed. Drop us a line and we will check it out.

Where can I get the App?

The App is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Even if you are not a premium member you can still use the app and watch all our free videos. Get the App here.

Premium Member Trouble Shooting Questions

How do I access the videos?

Premium Members sign in at the top of the website then navigate the PREMIUM CONTENT menu. If you are not a Premium Member you will see some of the videos that the there on that page, but you won’t be able to view them.

Once I am a Premium Member, where do I log-in?

See the image below for where to access the Login screen on desktop and mobile.


I'm having trouble logging in!

If you can’t sign-in or are having trouble with your login or password remember that you must use the “username” you selected when you first registered – which is usually your email address. If you have forgotten your username or password please email us and we will get right back to you.

To sign in on a desktop computer click the Top Right of the screen to access the sign-in area. On mobile, click the down arrow (top centre) to access.

When I try and log-in a get a Error saying "Request Header or Cookie Too Large"

These kind of errors are normally because you have too much old stuff in your computer browser. Clear your browser cache and that should fix it.

How to do this will depend on your computer and the browser you are using. Google “how to clear your browser cache” for instructions.

How do I update my credit card?

This depends on which payment gateway you used when you signed up:


  • If you used Paypal then you can visit Paypal directly to do any updates, or you can easily update it right within To do this go to Profile, Premium Members Options, Subscriptions, Update. If you don’t notice your card has expired you will receive a friendly reminder as that date approaches.
  • If you used your Credit card (using a service called Stripe) then you can visit their Customer Hub were you can update your personal and billing information. There’s a also link to this included in the bottom of your invoice receipt.

The Stripe Customer Hub

How do I upgrade my Premium Membership?

It is easy to upgrade from Monthly to Yearly or even to our Premium for Clubs memberships.

Our system will calculate what you have already paid and adjust the first payment to account for that.

To upgrade, Click EDIT PROFILE, PREMIUM ACCOUNT PAGE then click on Subscriptions. Then click on CHANGE PLAN.

How do I suspend or cancel my Premium Membership?

The easiest way is just to email us and we will do it for you. However to do it yourself, it depends on which payment gateway you used when you signed up.


  • If you used Paypal, then head over to your Premium Members Account Page and click on Subscriptions. We suggest you pause rather than cancel your subscription to make it easy to continue in the future.

  • If you used your Credit card (using a service called Stripe) then you can visit their Customer Hub were you can update your subscription. There’s a also link to this included in the bottom of your invoice receipt.

General Questions

What is the purpose of this site?

This website is the dream of Master Paul McPhail, 8th dan, to create the best quality ITF on-line coaching video resource in the world. The purpose is to offer ITF enthusiasts like you the opportunity to learn from great coaches no matter where you are located. It is now available for CLUBS with a special discount for up to 6 club members – all with full access.

Are the videos ITF approved?

No. Although Master McPhail is a member of the ITF Technical Committee, it is not possible for him to check every detail of every video. He allows the coaches the freedom to teach without restriction. Therefore some coaches are more tournament focused than others – and it is up to you to assess the value of each video with this in mind.

What videos do you have planned for the future?

We have so much quality content to come, the most difficult thing is to decide which to release next! We have some great sessions already filmed, plus plans for special workshops on stretching, flexibility and kicking. We are also expanding to be able to feature more overseas coaches. In time we plan to cover all 24 patterns, step sparring and other aspects of the general ITF syllabus and more.

Where can I find the videos I have purchased?

When you purchase a video the link and password is displayed on the screen immediately. We also email that to you.

You can also log-in to the website if you created an account when your purchased. Click “edit profile” and see the links to all your videos under the Orders Tab.

Membership Questions


What is your free membership?

You can join TKDCoaching for Free to become a Member. You get over  2 hours of free videos including a 40 minute clip of the Founder teaching a seminar the year before his death, and we also keep in touch with you about our video releases. Visit our sign up page to join. 

Am I automatically a Member when I buy something?

You have the option to become a TKDC Member when you purchase a video or Ebook when you check-out of our shop.

Do I have to be a member to buy a video?

No. You are welcome to purchase any of of videos from our shop and at that stage you can un-tick the option to be a TKDC member. Membership is advised though as we send updates ad free videos from time to time as well.


What is a Premium Member?

Premium members pay a subscription to be able to access to all of our Premium Content all the videos in our shop, plus other special videos, resources and downloads.

So how many videos are there?

We are now in our fourth year and have published over 200 hours of quality videos with around 80 full coaching sessions for sale in our shop. Premium members can view all these videos plus over 60 hours of special classic TKD footage not available anywhere else.

What are the Rare TKD Videos Premium Members have access to?

Premium Members have access to over 60 hours of Master McPhail’s personal library of rare videos. Most of the titles are listed on our Video List Page.

Titles include:

  • The Original ITF Training films (parts 1 & 2) 1973
  • Early Masters TKD video
  • Rare ITF World Champs footage from 1984 (Scotland), 1994 (Malaysia), 2001 (Italy) and 2005 (Germany).
  • Instructional videos including a Sparring Syllabus by Carl van Roon, Self Defence syllabus videos, Gup and Dan Syllabus videos and more!
  • Amazing footage of legendary TKD personalities such as Master YK Yun, GM Rhee Ki Ha, GM Check Sereff and of course General Choi Hong Hi.
  • Footage of TKD in the 1970s from Malaysia, New Zealand, United Staes and the UK.
  • Documentaries on TKD and other martial arts that are truly inspirational – and not available anywhere else.
  • International Instructors Courses – full videos of the following IIC courses:- 1991 IIC by Gen. Choi
    – 1993 IIC by Gen. Choi and Master CE Sereff
    – 1998 IIC by Gen Choi and Master Choi Jung Hwa
    – 2001 IIC by Gen Choi
    – 2004 IIC by Grand Masters Marano, Tratjenberg, Bos and Tran
    – 2006 IIC by Grand Masters Marano, Tratjenberg, Bos and Tran
  • And much more…

Plus Premium Members get access to over 388m downloads including Encyclopaedia of Taekwon-Do in English and Spanish.

How often do you add new videos?

We will be continuing to add new titles each month, building towards having a huge library of quality ITF video resources. Moving forward we see there being less free content on the site, with most of our efforts being put towards serving our Premium Members.

How much does it cost?

Premium membership works out to as low as only US$4 per week. For full pricing see our Pricing Table.

Can I download videos to my computer?

You can stream (watch) the videos when you are signed in to the website on your computer and download videos to your phone or tablet when using the App.

Is there a limit to how much I can watch?

There is no limit. You can watch as many videos as you want, as often as you want – limited only by your own broadband data.

What our Premium Members are saying...

  • From my early stages in Taekwon-Do and onwards, Master McPhail has instilled and enforced the fundamentals needed for a good foundation in TKD. With his vast knowledge and teaching abilities I have progressed farther then I've thought possible which has enabled me to achieve what I have to date.

    Ethan Parker
    Ethan Parker II dan - Patterns World Champion
  • Master McPhail encouraging me to follow my dreams within the martial art of Taekwon-Do. He provided a strong base with his vast knowledge regarding the many facets of the art, particularly the fundamentals and intricacies of patterns.

    Melissa Timperley
    Melissa Timperley III dan - ITF Patterns World Champion
  • I found on-line coaching incredibly beneficial when preparing for my 3rd dan grading.  Especially considering I live so far from any of my seniors that I rely on for instruction. Without the use of this tool I doubt I would have made it! Highly recommended 🙂

    Angela Oliver
    Angela Oliver III dan - Instructor, Pulse Taekwon-Do, New Zealand
  • After being disappointed at not placing at the National Taekwon-Do Championships, I seeke guidance on my pattern performance from the world’s best coaches at

    If you are serious about being your best for a grading, a competition or just want to get it right, then to be the best you have to be coached by the best – TKDCoaching are the best.

    Kman McEvoy
    Kman McEvoy III dan, 6 X World Cup and World Championship Gold Medallist
  • TKDcoaching was a massive help in my preparation for the TKD world champs. 

    Roisin Giles
    Roisin Giles Triple Patterns ITF World Champion
  • TKD Coaching, in my experience, is without a doubt the ultimate tool to use when pursuing form perfection. 

    Daniel McMillan
    Daniel McMillan I dan - Patterns World Champion 2015
  • This website has been great at providing me with new exercises, drills, ways of teaching to challenge both myself and my students in developing.

    Mr Paul Harper Australia
  • I am really enjoying the work of Feel it really fills a need for specific ITF content on the net. The inclusion recently of the IIC material was very helpful as it afforded the opportunity to review the material which is most welcome.

    Master Terry Donnelly Ireland
  • I love the side by side patterns analysis. All the videos are superb - well instructed and clear.

    Ms Lynda Parnell United Kingdom
  • Excellent work you've been doing with the tkdcoaching site, can only guess the number of hours put down to get this up and running. Very good and informative videos, especially with respect to sparring and to kids instructing.

    Mr Bjørn Sundfær Norway
  • Thank you Sir for all your hard work producing such a valuable means of instruction and reference. Much appreciated.

    Master Alan Liu United Kingdom
  • I'm a 2nd Degree in England and I absolutely love the website. Looks very professional but most importantly the content is great! Thank you for providing such a valuable service!

    Ms Liliana Cottrell United Kingdom
  • I am immensely happy as a Premium Member of and the Expert Coaching Group. The Premium videos are a treasure for me to improve my techniques. It is also a great opportunity for me to have association with great Taekwon-Do pioneers.

    Mr Thangavelu Saravanan India
  • All the resources on the site have been invaluable in my ongoing TKD journey and I have shared so many of the tips, techniques and games with my fellow students. They are always asking were the ideas come from and I always say

    Mr Scott O'Donnell United Kingdom
  • Brilliant the videos provide much information which I use to help in teaching, own training and coaching. I could have done with the website some years ago.

    Mr Jeff Brider United Kingdom
  • has filled a huge gap in my personal training and provided me with the ability to infuse new training techniques at my place of training.

    The broad range of creative and highly technical instruction available through has provided a spark to our dojang.Mr Dan DeArmas USA

  • The exposure to training techniques from the experts has not only invigorated our classes it has inspired our students and instructors to develop innovative training exercises based on what is provided.

    Dan DeArmas USA
  • This feedback is both related to techniques, technical part (picture/sound quality) but also the way of teaching and the educational part. They gave me a lot of tips, tricks and things to reflect over, have tried a few of the games and such and they do work! Both with kids and adults.

    Mr Bjørn Sundfær Norway
  • has filled a niche that desperately needed filling. Awesome high quality in-depth video content, great feedback group on Facebook, monumental historical material, and regularly updated.

    Well worth the monthly fee! I'd recommend it to every serious student and instructor who'd like to get inspired. Keep up the good work!

    Mr Jair Stenhuijs Norway
  • Amazing work that you do!!! I am in awe! Thanks so much for this and the enormous time that you have invested in it. This was what I was looking for and I found the answers here!!  Amazing once again!

    Dr Thu Nguyen New Zealand
  • Great site lots of information. Well done the best Taekwon-do site I have seen.

    Master G K Gassor Wales
  • Thank you Sir and all the brilliant instructors who have taken the time to provide members with high quality videos and great insight into various training aspects. All the great skill presented is always inspiring and keep up the fantastic work!"

    Marc Chong-Seng South Africa
  • The Premium membership provides ITF practitioners the unique opportunity to learn from many of the best in Taekwon-Do without traveling the globe.

    Dan DeArmas USA
  • I signed up for the tkdcoaching tutorials..a few months should have done it sooner...awesome master hutton videos...core power is where its at - been pushing my students this way!!

    Ian Donnelly Portugal
  • There would be few (if any) that can offer a facility such as this and I for one am extremely grateful for the knowledge the site imparts and the amount of time and effort that goes in to make it happen.

    Premium for Clubs is a remarkable opportunity to help us be ‘The Best We Can Be’.

    Peter Graham
    Peter Graham New Zealand
  • TKD Coaching Premium for Clubs has been a great source of inspiration for our instructors. The selection of videos from different instructors around the world is immense, with something to learn in each video.

    Mr Henri Savilampi
    Mr Henri Savilampi Finland
  • Great service and platform. The site has served my club well as we are expanding with new instructors holding classes, and the site has been a great tool for them in their teachings. For me personally, the sparring drills have been most useful and thanks to them I won a national competition here in Sweden.

    Hampus Willman Sweden
  • The Premium for Clubs Membership means I can provide an incentive for my instructors to use the TKD Coaching tool to advance themselves and become better instructors and practitioners.  It also makes it really great value when you realise how many combined hours of awesome video coaching you and your instructors/seniors get out of it as a whole.  This is a great reward to my team for their hard work each year.

    Angela Oliver
    Angela Oliver Pulse TKD
  • has been invaluable in my training. Both myself and my 2 daughters attained our black belts last year and the TKDcoaching resources played a big part in us passing and continuing with our training. Thanks for all your support.

    Scott ODonnell GTF Scotland
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