Why are my hamstrings tight?

Why are my hamstrings tight?

When you are seated, what is  happening to these muscles, is that the glutes and also the hamstrings underneath, are functionally shortening. So we know that in order to be able to kick higher, with our front rising kick for example, we need longer hamstrings, but sitting for long periods of time shortens those hamstrings.

In addition, when we sit for long periods of time, that increases the chances that these glute muscles, the more surface muscles, clamp down on on top of the hamstrings. And over a long period of time, if you are leading that sort of a lifestyle where you are sitting for hours on end in most days, you increase the chances that the glutes also get functionally shorter and they clamp down on top of the hamstrings and prevent the hamstrings from lengthening and doing their job.

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