Chris Broughton is a great coaching with a positive, friendly way of communicating with students of all ages.

In this coaching session Chris works with 2nd dan Miss Georgia Moore, beginning with the basics of stepping and moving with the front jab. They move on to a rocking drill and where they work on gaining a relaxed rhythm. Georgia then puts the gloves on and works closer to the target in a more practical way, concentrating on footwork and being in a stable position.

The full video shows the entire coaching session by Mr Chris Broughton.

  • Mr Chris Broughton World Champion & Expert Coach

    Mr Chris Broughton is a 2nd degree Black Belt and current New Zealand Assistant Coach.

    He won the gold medal in patterns at the 2009 ITF World Championships in Argentina, and silver in 2011. He has multiple medals in various team events and a gold in sparring at the 2nd Asian Championships in 2010.

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