Louise-Promo-1Louise McCagh  – 2016 ITF World Cup Champion, 2013 ITF Sparring World Champion from Ireland.

She was in New Zealand over the summer of 2015 and agreed to teach a sparring seminar for TKD

The seminar covers a wide range of practical drills and mental strategies that will assist those at beginner to intermediate level interested in competitive sparring.

Watch the free clips below or purchase the full one and a half hour video.

The full video shows the entire seminar with Miss Louise McCagh

Side Kick Drill

Miss McCagh mentions the various types of side kicks you should work on: straight from the hip, knee back, doubles, mule, middle, high etc. and that [...]

Side Kick Counter

This drill involves the group getting into a line with one person at the front facing the others one after another. They must counter the side kick attack [...]

This is a great video for those wanting to know useful drills for improving free sparring. It is also a valuable insight into how a competitive athlete trains towards a big tournament.

  • Miss Louise McCagh Expert Coach

    Louise McCagh has been competing for Ireland since 2004 with numerous national and international titles. In October 2013 ages 19, she became the first Irish woman to win an ITF World title winning gold in sparring.

    Louise is a Sport and Exercise Sciences graduate and was in New Zealand over the summer of 2015 and agreed to teach a sparring seminar.

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