Inside the Session

These free clips give a glimpse of a regular club session on free sparring by Carl van Roon. You will see what a wonderful instructor he is as he highlights a few important principles and then gives drills to implement them.

The class finishes with Mr van Roon sparring all the seniors and then answering questions from the students.

The full video is 1 hour and 30 minutes long and covers warm up sparring drills, kicking drills, being deceptive in sparring and how to create opportunities and much more.

The full video shows the entire coaching session with Carl van Roon.


The full video shows the entire 1 hour, 30 minute coaching session where Mr van Roon teaches a normal club session on free sparring, mainly working on hand techniques.

  • Mr Carl van Roon World Champion & Sport Scientist
    Carl van Roon is a 9 x ITF World Champion and Former 2 x Grand World Champion (Best Overall Competitor for the World Championships in 2009 and 2011). In the 14 year period from 2003 to 2017 he delivered Gold Medal performances at every ITF World Championships in either free-sparring, special technique or pre-arranged sparring.
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