Small Group Coaching Sessions

TO CELEBRATE Soledad Serrano’s prestigious award: Outstanding Sports Personality 2021 – we release this sparring coaching video by this amazing athlete and coach. 

Congratulations Soledad!

Step Sparring with Master Rimmer

Master James Rimmer (8th dan) teaches a class of black belt class the basics of 3, 2 and 1 step sparring.

He covers the basic of 3, 2 and 1 step sparring, which are the basic pre-arranged sparring methods for beginners and intermediate levels in ITF Taekwon-Do.

  • Master James Rimmer Expert Coach

    Master Rimmer is an 8th degree black belt and began training in Wellington in 1983 and gained his black belt at age 25 in 1986. He became the instructor at Khandallah in 1986 before moving to the Bay of Plenty in August 1987. Mr Rimmer has attended and organised many ITFNZ events. His specialty is in the technical aspects of Taekwon-Do. He is a senior examiner and member of the ITFNZ Technical Advisor Group.

    Sparring Framework by Carl Van Roon

    Instructors and coaches – do you need a basic framework for teaching free sparring?

    Sometimes instructors are not sure how to teach sparring to their students, so the framework this session gives you is a great starting point.

    The session covers the basics of footwork, fighting positions, distance, basic kicking drills and much more.

    Advanced Sparring Class

    with Mr Ricardo Gonzalez with his student Camila Urbina

    • Mr Ricardo Gonzalez Expert Coach

      Ricardo Gonzalez has been training Taekwon-Do since 1996, a student of Mr Adrian Paris. He has been coaching since 2006, with his students winning Pan American and South American champions, and in recent years 3 golds 1 silver and 1 bronze in world cups, 2 silver and 1 bronze in world championships.

      Quick sparring drills by Master Willy

      This is a new series of quick sparring drills with Master Willy Van De Mortel and his son Jorg Gubbels, 3rd Degree.

      Master van de Mortel has coached teams from the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia and New Zealand. He has also lived and worked as a full time Taekwon-Do instructor in Spain and Italy. He has been the national coach for Norway for over 6 years.

      "The Dragon" Sparring Class

      A very special sparring class with “The Dragon” Stephen Tapilatu

      "The Dragon" Sparring Class

      Sparring Class with Mr Johann de Silva

      Footwork drills

      Coach Johann de Silva took James Carver and Liam Reynolds for a sparring session as part of the DRAGON-WARRIOR Tour Downunder.In this clip you see one of the footwork drills he began the session with.

      Avoid the Side Kick

      In this clip Coach Johann de Silva uses a game to learn how to avoid the side kick.The defender must keep the toe inside the square and avoid only by moving the body.The full session is full of [...]

      • Master Johann de Silva Expert Coach

        Johann de Silva is the former Head Coach of the ITF England and Wales Head Coach with considerable coaching experience at international level since 2006.

        A former multiple world champion, he has conducted sparring seminars in Sri Lanka and India, and in February of 2018 he delivered sparring seminars in four cities in Argentina.

        Master de Silver is the Technical Director of ITF England and Chairman, De Silva Taekwon-Do Association.

        • Mr Stephen Tapilatu Expert Coach

          Mr Stephen Tapilatu is one of the legends of ITF Taekwon-Do.

          2 x ITF Taekwon-Do World Champion, 2 x ITF European Champion and 2 x King of Taekwon-Do, and former K1, Kickboxing and MMA Fighter.

          Mr Tapilatu is a professional Instructor, international coach and the current National Coach for The Netherlands.

          SParring Class with Soledad Serrano

          We still have a few video sessions in our archives that have yet to be released!

          So we are pleased to release this, another in the Private Sessions Series with World Champion Soledad Serrano from Argentina.

          This is over Over 45 minutes of sparring tuition with Niketa Wells.


          Mitt holding is explored here in these clips with our Expert Coach Carl Van Roon

          Dragon Warrior Master Class

          Learn from the Dragon Warrior Team: Stephen Tapilatu and Johann De Silva in this innovative and unique sparring seminar.

          This fun seminar will help you to lift your sparring game and improve your skill set. If you are an instructor then this 2 hour 20 minute session will give you some great new drills for your own classes.

          You can download this video at a choice of resolutions to suit your device, from 360p for mobile to full HD (15 gig).


          What do you do when you are trapped for a day in a hotel in Ireland by Hurricane Ophelia? You throw on the doboks of course and have a coaching session with one of the ITF world’s most spectacular sparrers – Mr Hong Looi.

          Pressure Drills for ITF Sparring

          Creating pressure for your opponent is an important part of any high level competition. In ITF Sparring there are unique ways you can do it.

          The full video is just over 50 minutes of effective sparring drills learning ways to apply pressure to your opponent.

          Side Kick Countering with Mark Trotter

          Check out these new free sample clips from our latest sparring video with Mark Trotter

          Small Group Coaching Sessions

          By popular demand we are realising more small group sessions in this series with Soledad Serrano.

          Check out the full videos that include great sparring drills and training suitable for all ages.

          Countering the Lead Leg with Mark Trotter

          These free sample chips show excepts from Mark Trotters excellent session of Lead Leg Sparring.

          Small Group Coaching Sessions

          Soledad Serrano is truly a wonderful coach. She relates well to children and adults alike, and she is equally comfortable teaching a large seminar or a private lesson.

          In this series you will have the opportunity to learn a wide range of sparring drills for all age ranges.

          A Sparring Session with Carl van Roon

          These free clips give a glimpse of a regular club session on free sparring by Carl van Roon.

          Sparring Drills

          This video is a coaching session Mr Mark Trotter had with New Zealand team member Melissa Timperley during one of the National Team Camps. Although short in duration, Mr Trotter gives tremendous insight into how some basic skills in sparring should be performed to be effective.

          Soledad Serrano Seminar

          Learn TKD training secrets and drills from one of the world’s foremost and most decorated champions, Soledad Serrano.

          Defence, Deception & Proactivity

          These free clips show Mr van Roon coaching members of the New Zealand ITF Taekwon-Do Team 3 months out from competing at the World Champs in Italy 2015.

          The full video is 1 hour and 20 minutes long and covers three main themes: Defence, Deception, and Proactivity. If you are a coach or an intermediate to experienced athlete you will get a lot of this session.

          Other Sparring Videos


          In this coaching session Chris works with 2nd dan Miss Georgia Moore, beginning with the basics of stepping and moving with the front jab. They move on to a rocking drill and where they work on gaining a relaxed rhythm.


          Look inside a training session with World Champions Mark Trotter and Carl van Roon.


          See world renowned 8th dan Master Michael Daher teach a sparring class  for all grades.

          Willy van de Mortel

          World-renowned sparring coach Master Willy van de Mortel takes a student through some basic Free Sparring Drills.


          Miss McCagh covers off a wide range of practical drills and mental strategies that will assist those at beginner to intermediate level interested in competitive sparring.

          Strategic Scenarios for Free Sparring

          These free clips show Mr van Roon taking athletes Riley Philips and Trent Hayden through some drills initially, then further in he starts working on particular sparring strategies.

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