The New Zealand Self-Defence Syllabus is divided into two main parts: Concepts and Practical.

The concepts and photo illustrations can all be found in the Self-Defence ebook.

The practical syllabus is all shown in our full video and a perfect companion to the Self-Defence Syllabus book. The syllabus is divided into four levels:

• Yellow (8th & 7th gup) – defence against grabs to the wrists.
• Green (6th & 5th gup) – defence against grabs from the front.
• Blue (4th & 3rd gup) – defence against grabs from the rear.
• Red (2nd & 1st gup) – defence against common attacks.

The full video is an invaluable resource containing demonstrations of all the self-defence syllabus all the way to red belt level.

Self Defence Handbook

iTKD Self-Defence Handbook

The video is based on the iTKD Self-Defence Handbook. I outlines the concepts and practice of the syllabus. Students should be confident in defending against the attacks shown in this video, up to and including their own grade.

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The content of this Syllabus is targeted at teenagers and adults with much of the material easily adapted for children. It addresses the most important skills required for dealing with single unarmed opponents.

Our sincere thanks to Mr Phil Thompson of Protect Self Defence for his guidance, advice and expertise. Much of the content of this Syllabus has been adapted from the Protect Self Defence System with Mr Thompson’s permission.

Video Highlights

  • Yellow Belt Syllabus
  • Green Belt Syllabus
  • Blue Belt Syllabus
  • Red Belt Syllabus
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