This seminar was run specifically for Taekwon-Do Instructors so that they could get a better understanding of how self-defence fits into the TKD environment. This video is an excellent resource for for instructors and students alike.

Topics covered in over 90 minutes of video are:

  • Two tool boxes
  • It Depends
  • The Handbook
  • Wrist Grabs
  • What to say
  • In Control
  • What goes on disc
  • Lapel Grabs
  • A&B Response
  • Justified Force
  • Attacking Tools
  • Combative Principals
  • Open Fist
  • What was she fighting for?
  • We are not Ninjas
  • The Bear Hug
  • Rear Choke
  • Hair Pull
  • Tool & Target Drill
  • The Passive Stance
  • Too Many Details
  • De-esculation
  • Some after seminar kicks
  • Mr Phil Thompson Leading Self Defence Expert

    Mr Phil Thompson is New Zealand’s leading expert on self defence and violence prevention. With over 20 years experience, he has trained thousands of people from every walk of life from corporate teams of all sizes, CEO’s and celebrities, students to police officers.

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