The Guardian Angel Self Defence Course is a unique and innovative programme designed by Phil Thompson that aims to inform and empower young people.

In this course Mr Thompson teaches the kids to recognise the most common ‘lures’ and manipulation techniques used by predators. In particular, Guardian Angel eschews the old adage of ‘stranger danger’. With over 90 percent of offenders known to the child or the child’s family, making kids fearful of strangers when they might need to ask one for help, is a mistake and can actually make them more vulnerable.

Empowerment and confidence are the main messages of this course, not mystery and mistrust.

Guardian Angel is a new approach to child safety and TKDCoaching had the privilege of being able to film a course run by Mr Thompson himself in 2015. The video is a valuable resource for instructors or anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of self-defence for children.

This video is also for parents. In many cases it may be an “eye-opener” containing valuable information you can pass on to your own kids.

Phil Thompson

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  • Mr Phil Thompson Leading Self Defence Expert

    Mr Phil Thompson is New Zealand’s leading expert on self defence and violence prevention. With over 20 years experience, he has trained thousands of people from every walk of life from corporate teams of all sizes, CEO’s and celebrities, students to police officers.

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