An invaluable coaching session on how to teach all five competition breaks by World Champion Brendan Doogan.

Knifehand Strike

One of the important concepts in breaking is the idea of striking “through” the target. Part of the challenge is overcoming fear of pain, but it is important to do if you are going to [...]

Reverse Turning Kick

Earlier in this coaching session Mr Doogan talks about the importance of maximising the length, or line of a technique to get more momentum and therefore power. As he explains here, there are [...]

Side Piercing Kick

Here you see part of the side kick lesson where Ashley has built up to 2 polar boards which she broke successfully. In this clip you see her fail at her repeat attempt – and then how Mr [...]


The ITF tournament rules for breaking require men to do five techniques, and women three.  Men and women knifehand strike,side piercing kick and turning kick. Men also do forefist punch and reverse turning kick.

In New Zealand we have been training our athletes break for many years by using padding on the boards as well as hand and foot protection. This way the athlete gains confidence at the same time as learning the correct technique.

In this coaching session Mr Brendan Doogan takes 1st dan Ashley Porter through all five competition breaks using easily breakable boards to ensure no injury occurs.

Video Highlights

  • The length and flatness of trajectory for power
  • Correct angle of impact
  • Speed and Power for breaking
  • Incremental increases in difficulty for success
  • How to use Polar boards with kids
  • The principle of success with breaking
  • Golden Rule of “Walk Away”
  • Mr Brendan Doogan World Champion & Expert Coach

    Mr Doogan has trained for over 18 years and is an International Instructor, International Umpire, World Champion in Power Breaking, Assistant New Zealand Coach, and a member of the Standards and Discipline and Tournament Advisor Groups in New Zealand.

    He also writes articles for Taekwon-Do Talk Magazine and for overseas publications, and has even done a Side Piercing Kick on top of an elephant!

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