A coaching session on breaking for juniors and seniors by former World Champion Brendan Doogan.

Does it Hurt?

Does it Hurt? “Well yeah, a little bit. Hurts more when it doesn’t break aye!” says Mr Brendan Doogan in this free clip from his breaking class video.

See what ya got

Mr Brendan Doogan has great ways to explain techniques to kids. In this clip from a breaking class you see how he gets the kids to break a plastic polar board on the ground, in a build up towards [...]

You Stop!

Mr Doogan’s advice is to just “STOP” if things aren’t going well. Otherwise you training yourself to fail. Use easy breaks like single boards and practice those again and again




In this video Mr Brendan Doogan coaches two classes on breaking.

Firstly see how he teaches junior belts how to break in a way that builds their confidence and ability in a fun way. Then for the seniors Mr Doogan encourages the students to “go crazy” with the execution of their techniques to build the power required for big breaks. This is done alone, then with bags, then on the boards!

If you are interested in improving your breaking, or an instructor wanting a few new ideas for how to teach it, this video is for you.



  • Practice! How to go from “terrible at breaking” to a World Champ.
  • Side kick break from facing backwards
  • Stamping through boards to gain confidence and the appreciation of the force required to break
  • Front elbow, knifehand strike and side kick breaks
  • Your back leg is where the power comes from
  • Does it hurt?
  • “Just Walk Away” AND MUCH MORE


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    • Mr Brendan Doogan World Champion & Expert Coach

      Mr Doogan has trained for over 18 years and is an International Instructor, International Umpire, World Champion in Power Breaking, Assistant New Zealand Coach, and a member of the Standards and Discipline and Tournament Advisor Groups in New Zealand.

      He also writes articles for Taekwon-Do Talk Magazine and for overseas publications, and has even done a Side Piercing Kick on top of an elephant!

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