Breaking Class with Mr Luke Thompson

Power breaking is a very important but often overlooked aspect of training.

Join multi-world champion Luke Thompson in an informative and entertaining session on power breaking delivered to members of all grades. He covers knifehand strike, side piercing kick and turning kick in this video – plus other useful information on equipment. conditioning and more.

Breaking Geometry with Brendan Doogan

BREAKING GEOMETRY covers the correct angles and trajectory required to maximise your chances of a successful break. A few degrees can make all the difference as you will find out.

Mr Doogan demonstrates some of the basic breaks and also covers how you can still break with a turning kick even if your toes can’t pull back as far as you would like.


Breaking Class with Mr Brendan Doogan

Are you an instructor who wants a few more ideas on how to teach breaking? Or perhaps you are a student who wants to improve on your own breaking ability.

Perfecting Your Five Competition Breaks

An invaluable coaching session on how to teach all five competition breaks by World Champion Brendan Doogan.

Power Breaking and the Theory of Power

Power breaking World Champion Mr Brendan Doogan explains the five competition power breaks as they relate to the Theory of Power.

Power Breaking Seminar

Master Rocky Rounthwaite (8th dan) runs a very popular power breaking seminar using “out of the box” methods for getting attendees to achieve things they never thought possible.

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