These free clips are from a Coach Me style session by Master Paul McPhail

Won-Hyo Tul is the pattern required at green belt level. This Coach Me style video features 9 year old Riana Brown alongside World Champs medallist Miss Melissa Timperley.

It is not the intention of these videos to be unnecessarily critical, but more to teach a level of detail that may not be covered in a normal training session. By the use of slow motion we can highlight errors and offer suggestions for improvement.

Some of the points raised by Master McPhail in the video are:

The full video shows the full coaching session of the entire pattern.

  • The importance of stance, and how the back leg of the L-Stance should be aligned with the back foot.
  • Intermediate position of the twin forearm block.
  • Height of the knifehand strike should be at neck level
  • How to correctly prepare for the Bending ready stance A
  • Minimising extra bounce or wasted motions in the movements
  • How a neutral head position helps to maintain good balance
  • How to sync the body and legs to achieve a solid stance
  • Moving the hip in the same direction as the movements
  • Intermediate position for the straight fingertip thrust
  • Circular block execution and finished position
  • Grand Master Paul McPhail IX dan, ITF Technical Committee Member

    Grand Master McPhail worked extensively with General Choi Hong Hi on the final edition (1999) of the Condensed Encyclopaedia in New Zealand and Canada. Click the image above to read more.

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