A coaching session on 3rd dan Pattern Sam-il Tul by multi-World Champion Mark Trotter.

Sam-il Twisting Kick

Mr Mark Trotter explains to Melissa Timperley that by turning the supporting foot outwards slightly, it enables the hips to open into a better position to be able to perform a better twisting [...]

Sam-il Side Kick

A high knee position is important when performing a side kick in patterns. This is particularly tricky in this pattern as the hands have to stay in a guarding block position throughout the kick. [...]

Sam-il Clips

Here are some snippets from the casual coaching session between world champions Mr Mark Trotter and Miss Melissa Timperley. It is a great session to pick up useful performance tips for pattern [...]




This video is a casual coaching session between Mark Trotter and Melissa Timperley on the pattern Sam-il tul.

Sam-il is learnt at 3rd degree black belt level, and this video gives many insights into how to better perform this pattern.

Much of the valuable information in this coaching session involve hints on how to perform the movements better, and are useful even if you are not yet at 3rd dan level. A lot of the information relates to how to better perform movements, which apply to all patterns.



  • Performing sinewave effectively.
  • Timing of the hands for intermediate positions
  • Positioning of the supporting foot to better perform twisting kicks
  • Breathing hints and tips
  • Small mistakes such as bent wrists and ways to correct them
  • Technical information on each and every movement


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    • Mr Mark Trotter World Champion & Expert Coach

      Mark Trotter is the current ITF World Champion in 4th-6th degree Men’s Patterns. He is a 9x ITF World Champion, 4x World Cup Champion, Pan American Champion 2016, Asia Champion 2010 and 6 x Oceania Champion. He is also former Vice World Champion in -54kg sparring.

      He is the longest standing member of the New Zealand Taekwon-Do team and when he is not coaching Taekwon-Do or representing NZ overseas he can be found working on well-known blockbuster films as an elite stunt performer.

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