These free clips are from a coaching session by Mr Mark Trotter

Here is the first video in a series where you will see Mr Mark Trotter coaching students on the colour belt patterns.

Choong-Moo tul is the pattern every 1st gup has to get right before grading to 1st dan! In these clips you get a sample of the coaching session where Mr Trotter corrects and adjusts each movement of black belt student Phillipa Henry.

The full video is full of interesting and helpful tips for improvement that every 1st gup will find invaluable.

  • Mr Mark Trotter World Champion & Expert Coach

    Mark Trotter is the current ITF World Champion in 4th-6th degree Men’s Patterns. He is a 9x ITF World Champion, 4x World Cup Champion, Pan American Champion 2016, Asia Champion 2010 and 6 x Oceania Champion. He is also former Vice World Champion in -54kg sparring.

    He is the longest standing member of the New Zealand Taekwon-Do team and when he is not coaching Taekwon-Do or representing NZ overseas he can be found working on well-known blockbuster films as an elite stunt performer.

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