Announcing the 12 Days of Christmas Special!

Treat yourself to quality ITF Taekwon-Do videos this Christmas and give yourself a boost in your training for 2016.

The following videos will be on sale for HALF PRICE on the day listed below only (NZ time)!


12 days of Christmas Special

DAY 1 – 13th Dec
Louise McCagh Sparring Seminar
Sit in on a sparring seminar with 2013 ITF World Champion Louise McCagh. The seminar includes lots of practical drills and mental strategies that will assist those at beginner and intermediate level.
Duration: 1hr 24mins – $12.49

DAY 2- 14th Dec
Juche tul with Mark Trotter
Get inside a one-on-one coaching session of one of the most difficult and beautiful patterns in ITF Taekwon-Do – Juche. In the video Mr Trotter takes his student through each movement with lots of practical skills and tips in how to improve the execution of each movement which you can apply to your own or your students’ training.
Duration: 45mins- $7.49

DAY 3- 15th Dec
Basic Kicks with Master Gray Patterson
Master Gray Patterson goes into detail all about how to perform the basic kicks (front snap kick, turning kick, reverse turning kick, side piercing kick, back piercing kick) as well as how to gain maximum power and effectiveness. Ideal for students at any level and their teachers.
Duration: 57mins- $7.49

DAY 4- 16th Dec
High Performance Warm Ups
Get innovative ideas for your own warm ups! See how the number 1 ranked New Zealand Team warm up together and applies the warm ups to your own classes and training sessions.
Duration: 45mins- $12.49

DAY 5- 17th Dec
Choong-Moo tul with Mark Trotter
In this one-on-one coaching session each movement and its most effective execution is analysed to improve the overall performance of the whole pattern. There are some great hints for jumping, balance, sharpness, breathing, kicking, and more! This will be of value to 1st gups going for their first black belt grading, and black belts of any level.
Duration 25 mins – $7.49

DAY 6- 18th Dec
TKD Made Fun for Kids
In this video Mr Chris Broughton shares his significant experience in teaching kids using games that are really practicing Taekwon-Do skills but are fun for kids. You will pick up so many strategies and games for teaching Taekwon-Do to kids for your own classes! This video is a great way to refresh your teaching ideas for kids for 2016.
Duration: 1hr 28mins – $12.49

DAY 7- 19th Dec
Breaking Seminar with Master Rounthwaite
Master Rounthwaite’s popular breaking seminar is normally reserved for attendees – but is now exclusively available as a video at!
Duration: 51mins – $12.49

DAY 8- 20th Dec
Self-Defence Handbook (e-book)
This e-book outlines the concepts and practice of the gup self-defence syllabus for International Taekwon-Do in New Zealand. It is designed as a useful reference as well as a basic instructional manual for coloured belts. This book is unique in that it not only teaches physical strategies for defence, but also addresses the mental side of confronting a dangerous situation.

Half Price – $7.49

DAY 9- 21st Dec
Sparring Skills with Mark Trotter
In this video Mr Trotter gives tremendous insight into how some basic skills in sparring should be performed to be effective. His student in this video, Miss Timperley, is an international sparring competitor so is able to beautifully perform the skills being taught at full speed.
Duration: 16.43mins – $3.74

DAY 10- 22nd Dec
Kicking Class with Master Daher
In this class Master Daher works on various aspects of kicking, and in particular, how to get the most out of what you have. Even with limited flexibility you can achieve head height kicks by having the correct technique.
Duration: 31mins

DAY 11- 23rd Dec – $7.49
Soledad Serrano Seminar
Spend nearlyFOUR HOURS with multi-patterns and sparring World champion, Miss Soledad Serrano. In our most popular product on, you will learn: innovative and fun warm up drills and games, patterns and sparring drills, sparring strategies and much more. Coaches, instructors and students a like will want to watch this video more than once!
Duration: 3hr 40mins – $17.49

DAY 12- 24th Dec
Guardian Angel Course
This unique course teaches kids to recognise the most common lures and manipulation techniques used by predators, so that they can feel confident in the world and safer in the knowledge that they know who to trust. A confident, alert and communicative young person is far more able to avoid child abuse, predatory assault – and simply stay safe. This course was designed by Protect founder Phil Thompson, New Zealand’s leading expert on self defence/self protection for children.
Duration: 1hr 40mins – $17.49

*Remember these dates are in New Zealand time.

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