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Now with Finnish Sub-titles thanks to Henri Savilampi (2nd dan) and Kalle Parviainen (4th gup)

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Naeryo Chagi

Master Thierry Meyour (7th dan, Finland) takes twins Jukka and Antti Holmen through a downward kick drill, explaining the importance […]

Master Thierry Meyour (7th degree) presents a quick-fire workshop for from his Do-jang in Tampere, Finland.

In The Full Video

Master Meyour gives us his take on three popular kicks and then finishes with some pointers for breaking. The techniques covered in the full video are:

  • 360 degree turning kick
  • Reverse Turning Kick
  • Downward Kick
  • Front Punch
  • Knifehand Strike
finnish workshop breaking

Mestari Thierry Meyour (7. Dan) pitää lyhyen ja ytimekkään oppitunnin Tampereella sijaitsevalla dojangillaan.


Mestari Meyour esittelee omat ajatuksensa kolmesta suositusta potkusta ja tarjoaa muutamia vinkkejä voimamurskaukseen. Koko videossa käydään läpi seuraavat tekniikat:

  • 360 dollyo chagi
  • Bandae dollyo chagi
  • Naeryo chagi
  • Ap joomuk jirugi
  • Sonkal bakuro taerigi
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