Learn five of Taekwon-Do’s basic kicks with Master Graham Patterson.

Full Video

Imagine having a Master spend an hour with you, explaining and demonstrating the basic Taekwon-Do kicks! That’s exactly what this video is.

Master Gray Patterson goes into detail all about how to perform the basic kicks as well as how to gain maximum power and effectiveness.

The full video is just under one hour of coaching ideal for everyone from beginner to advanced levels.

Kicks covered in this video

  • Front snap kick
  • Turning kick
  • Reverse turning kick
  • Side piercing kick
  • Back piercing kick
  • Master Gray Patterson New Zealand National Coach

    Master Graham Patterson became the ITF World Grand Champion in 2003, after winning Gold in 4th dan patterns, and silver in power test. He previously won bronze for Power in Argentina in 1999, plus numerous other National titles.

    Graham Patterson was appointed New Zealand National Coach in 2014 and took the team through to Best Country at the ITF World Championships in Italy 2015. He was promoted to 7th dan Master in July 2015.

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