There are only five kicks in Taekwon-Do


From October 2020, we are releasing ITF Taekwon-Do Performance Seminars to TKDCoaching Premium Members. This is a new collaboration between TKDCoaching and ITF Patterns Unleashed.

Seminar presenters include:

  • Master Lylian Doulay
    7th Degree Black Belt ITF Taekwon-Do, ITF Taekwon-Do World Champion, 5x European Champion, 3 x World Cup winner.
  • Master Thierry Meyour
    7th Degree Black Belt ITF Taekwon-Do,  ITF Finland National Team Head Coach.
  • Ms Sanna Rantasaari
    Professional physiotherapist
  • Miss Mira Sjövall
    ITF Patterns World Champion and many more…

Thoracic Spine Mobility with Mr Michael Lowe

TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video of how to develop and maintain thoracic spine mobility.

BACK STRENGTH by Brendan Doogan

Back Strength is something often overlooked in Taekwon-Do.

A lot of our movements involve a pushing motion, and not so much pulling. This can create an imbalance of strength that can lead to injuries.

This clip gives you a sneak look and what Mr Doogan teaches in the full video. Grab the video while it’s on sale or become a Premium Member to watch ALL our videos!

Stretching for Kicking by Grand Master Pierre Laquerre

Learn the three main areas of flexibility training that will take your Taekwon-Do kicks to the next level!

In this video Grand Master Pierre Laquerre (9th dan) takes you through these three import areas, giving specific exercises and advice in each.

If you want to improve your kicks, your flexibility or both… this video is a must see.

Dynamic Stretching

Hamstring Mobility with Mr Michael Lowe

The hamstrings can be the cause of immense frustration for martial artists. They can be easily injured again and again.

But perhaps the solution is in some alternative methods of mobilisation shown here in this video.

TKDCoaching Expert Coach Interviews

Get valuable insights into these amazing martial artists in this series of special interviews.

Mr Michael Cormack

Grand Master Hector Marano

Mr Phil Thompson  [Premium]

Master Mark Hutton  [Premium]

Mr Mark Trotter

Mr Johann de Silva

Mr Stephen Tapilatu

Taekwon-Do Terminology with Miss Irene Yu

How do you pronounce Taekwon-Do? In this clip you hear how.

We hear Taekwon-Do pronounced all sorts of different ways, so it good to hear it pronounced correctly.

The full video is full of useful tips like this, and covers the basic terminology used by beginning Taekwon-Do practitioners.

Taekwon-Do Terminology can be challenging, yet it is surprisingly simple one you understand a few of the basics.

Irene Yu takes us through the basics of the Korean Pronunciation in an informative and entertaining way.

If you have trouble pronouncing or understanding the terminology in Taekwon-Do, this video is for you.

  • Miss Irene Yu Expert Coach

    Irene Yu was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in New Zealand. She started Taekwon-Do in 2007, and acquired the rank of 2nd dan in 2015. She works full time as a Middle School teacher, and has a personal interest in linguistics and learning languages.

Vets' Seminar with Master Joliette Trân

Getting older and better In Taekwon-Do! There are bright sides to getting some experience in life.

This seminar is a look upon what an adult can benefit from an intelligent practice of Taekwon-Do.

A Training Session with Master Wallace

Master Gordon Wallace is an 8th degree black belt ITF and Member of the ITF Umpire Committee

In this edited video of his training session you will see over an hour of enlightening tuition.

Falling and Sweeping with Mr Brendan Doogan

In this coaching session Mr Brendan Doogan works through the basic breakfalls and then the sweeping kicks.

It is important for you and your training partner to learn the breakfalling first so that you can practice the sweeps safely.

Women's Seminar by Master Joliette Trân.

A seminar especially for Women by Master Joliette Trân.

More and more women practice Taekwon-Do. They have good skills to perform in the different parts in Taekwon-Do. This martial art can help develop strong feminine people.

In this seminar Master Joliette Trân gives examples, exercises and discussion about how Taekwon-Do training can help build a strong character.

She also explores some subjects related to training that can impact health in long-term (nutrition, child birth, pelvic health, hormones, bone density).

women's seminar with Master Tran

The Empowerment Seminar by Master Hutton

Empowerment was the theme of a very special evening in Auckland 2018.

This footage is over 2 hours of the seminar and covers effective partner training, kicking, power development, conditioning and much more.

Mobility Video Series - Hip Mobility

The hips are perhaps the most important area of the body to keep mobile and injury free for Taekwon-Do – especially as we age.

Instructors in particular will find this video useful for being able to guide students, regardless of age, with exercises to maintain  hip mobility.

TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video of how to develop and maintain hip mobility.

Hip Mobility 2

Plyometrics Workshop

A workshop designed to give Instructors all the tools they need to help their students with improving their jumping ability

Original Seminar Page

A Training Session with Grand Master Lan

TKDCoaching was again privileged to film Grand Master Kim Ung Lan in a very special training session. Grand Master Lan spent over an hour with students of an Auckland club, in a surprise visit in 2017.

Grand Master Lan is well known for his generosity, kindness and authenticity. A true Grand Master who is so happy to share his knowledge.

Special Techniques Seminar

Join this half day Special Techniques Seminar and learn all about the five ITF competition special techniques.

International Umpires Course

We are privileged to bring to Premium Members this footage from inside an IUC.

It shows excepts of the course is the required qualification for umpires to be eligible to official at all ITF international events. It was conducted by two members of the ITF Umpires Committee: Master Alberto Katz and Master Kurt Ottesen.

While the audio is not great at times, it still offers a valuable sneak peak inside an IUC. You will see it is often good humoured with the attendees enjoying themselves in the process of becoming qualified umpires.

This video is over 2 hours and 8 minutes long with lots useful information for competitors and umpires. It is not for sale but only available to Premium Members to watch here. Thanks to Master Katz and Master Ottersen for their generous permission for TKDCoaching to publish this video.

ITF Umpires Course

ITF Umpires Course conducted by International A Grade Umpire Mr Grant Eccles.

Mobility Video Series - Foot & Ankle Mobility

TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video of how to develop and maintain foot and ankle mobility.

Good foot and ankle mobility is an important, but often overlooked area that directly impacts our ability to perform at our best in Taekwon-Do. Everything with regard to force production and balance relates to how we are connected to the earth. If our feet and ankles are in good shape then it increases our effectiveness.

Purchase the full video to to own this 1  hour 25 minute session of useful information and exercises to help improve your foot & ankle mobility. If you are a Premium Member… of course, you can watch it for free here.

A Private Lesson with Master Mark Hutton

Master Mark Hutton takes a one on one lesson on basics, kicking, Toi-Gye and Choong-Moo patterns

Sports Science Video Series - Balance

Balance is one of the most “struggled with” aspects of TKD according to the feedback we receive here at TKDCoaching. So we are proud to bring you a video exclusively on BALANCE in this new Sport Science Series by Carl van Roon.

Mr Van Roon breaks the session into three sections: Alignment, Strength and Proprioception. The importance of each of these perspectives is clearly explained and applied to our needs as Taekwon-Do exponents.

Purchase the full video to join Carl van Roon in over 45 minutes of useful information and exercises to help improve your balance. If you are a Premium Member… of course, you can watch it for free here.

Master Class with Master Mark Hutton

Master Mark Hutton takes a group of over 35 year olds through an insightful session.

Improve Mobility

Want to be able to move better, perform better and be pain free? In this 90 minute Master Class with Mr Like Lowe you will learn the concepts behind a new way of mobilising as well as 30 minute detailed instructional workout.

This video includes a 26 page PDF of notes to accompany the video.

Master Class with Master Mark Hutton

Join over 100 students for this one hour Master Class with Master Hutton

Finnish Workshop

Master Thierry Meyour (7th degree) presents a quick-fire workshop especially for from his Do-jang in Tampere, Finland.

In the full video Master Meyour gives us his take on three popular kicks and then finishes with some pointers for breaking.

Master Hutton Seminar

Master Mark Hutton is a no-nonsense Taekwon-Do Master from Scotland who says it like it is and walks the walk!
This seminar will change the way you think about Taekwon-Do!

Basic Kicks with Master Patterson

This video was filmed just weeks before Gray Patterson was promoted to 7th dan Master in July 2015. You can see him demonstrate five of Taekwon-Do’s basic kicks (front snap kick, turning kick, reverse turning kick, side piercing kick, back piercing kick) and explain them in great detail.

If you want to know exactly how to perform these basic kicks, improve your technique, or get even more great ideas as an instructor, then check out these videos.

Kicking Class with Master Daher

Master Michael Daher has a genuine love for Taekwon-Do and for helping others, which can clearly be seen in these clips.

Other Cool Stuff Videos

Coach Me

Using technology is now an important part of coaching, and for many years the New Zealand Taekwon-Do team and umpires have been trained with the use of video analysis software.

Self Defence Bloopers

From the self-defence syllabus videos – and here are a few out-takes from our video shoot. This was one of the first videos we filmed for the website.

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