Kids classes are such an important part of TKD with kids making up the majority of members of most schools.

These free clips are from a kids instructing seminar with Mr Chris Broughton.

As well as having great instructors with that natural ability to be able to relate to kids, it is also important for those instructors to have plenty of ideas to be able to make the learning fun.

In this practical course he explains his approach to teaching kids Taekwon-Do in a fun way by using games. You will see those on the course get to experience first hand and come away with lots of great ideas for your kids classes.

View the full video

The full video shows all the techniques required for all of the mini-kids levels, as well as a sample of children being graded.

Topics covered in the full video:

  • Instructing Practice
  • Equipment
  • Structure & Confidence
  • Ball Bounce
  • Be Creative
  • Using Pads
  • Using Your Voice
  • TKD Jumps
  • The Chocolate Cake Game
  • Self Control
  • Self Defence
  • Free Sparring
  • Creative Games
  • Animal Warm-Ups
  • Animal Games
  • Q&A

Also check out these videos on the New Zealand based Mini-Kids Syllabus.

This includes the entire mini-kids syllabus demonstrated by the kids themselves and will give overseas instructors lots of great ideas for how to structure your own children’s syllabus.

  • Mr Chris Broughton World Champion & Expert Coach

    Mr Chris Broughton is a 2nd degree Black Belt and former New Zealand Assistant Coach. Click the image above to read more….

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