Instructors: Get new and innovative ideas for your own warm-ups.

See how the New Zealand Team warm-up for their training sessions run by national coaches.

The success of the New Zealand Team on the world stage in recent years has in part been the way they train together.

You will see footage of both regional and national training sessions where warm ups are done in a fun, relaxed way.

Get the full video

The sessions you will see in the full video are run by Mr Gray Patterson (NZ Head Coach 2014-15), Mr Chris Broughton (NZ Assistant Coach 2014-15) and Mr Brendan Doogan (NZ Assistant Coach 2014-15)

Warm-ups shown in the full video include:

General Warm-ups

  • Running warm ups
  • Superman Punch
  • Drop Back and Punch
  • Resistance Hopping
  • Flying Punch to Heaven Hand
  • Resistance Shuffle
  • Resistance Knee Pump
  • Belt Pull
  • Fun Stuff
  • Stretching

Sparring Warm-ups

  • Aggressive Fake
  • Fake and Peal
  • Shift Kicks
  • Double Shift Kicks


Pattern Warm-ups
  • Play Fighting
  • Hand to Ground Reverse
  • Push-up after Punch
  • Sit-up after Block
  • Left Handed patterns
  • Say the Motion
  • Master Gray Patterson New Zealand National Coach

    Master Graham Patterson became the ITF World Grand Champion in 2003, after winning Gold in 4th dan patterns, and silver in power test. He previously won bronze for Power in Argentina in 1999, plus numerous other National titles.

    Graham Patterson was appointed New Zealand National Coach in 2014 and took the team through to Best Country at the ITF World Championships in Italy 2015. He was promoted to 7th dan Master in July 2015.

    • Mr Chris Broughton World Champion & Expert Coach

      Mr Chris Broughton is a 2nd degree Black Belt and current New Zealand Assistant Coach.

      He won the gold medal in patterns at the 2009 ITF World Championships in Argentina, and silver in 2011. He has multiple medals in various team events and a gold in sparring at the 2nd Asian Championships in 2010.

      • Mr Brendan Doogan World Champion & Expert Coach

        Mr Doogan has trained for over 18 years and is an International Instructor, International Umpire, World Champion in Power Breaking, Assistant New Zealand Coach, and a member of the Standards and Discipline and Tournament Advisor Groups in New Zealand.

        He also writes articles for Taekwon-Do Talk Magazine and for overseas publications, and has even done a Side Piercing Kick on top of an elephant!

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