Great New Instructing Ideas

In our latest releases of the Soledad Serrano Sessions – we give instructors a host of new ideas for teaching patterns and sparring. The emphasis of the class is fun – and giving the students an enjoyable yet challenging way to practice patterns.

TKD Kubz Instructors' Course

TKDCoaching Premium Members can get access to a Full day Kubz Instructors’ course taught by the program creator himself Master Mark Hutton!

The course video has been divided into 67 clips in three parts.

Please note: These video are NOT for sale in our shop and are available for Premium Members only with permission of Master Mark Hutton.

Instructors' Induction Course

In New Zealand we run courses for blue belts and above of all ages, as an introduction to instructing. The course is called an Instructors Induction Course and it has been run by 5th dan Mr Michael Lowe for many years.

This video is footage of a recent course filmed in Auckland. The full video for purchase comes complete with course notes and the “Instructors’ Warrant of Fitness” checklist.

Soledad Serrano Sessions

Now with two videos in this series – you will have the opportunity to learn a wide range of sparring drills for all age ranges.

Advanced Teaching Younger Kids Course

See videos from a course designed for TKD instructors that are new to teaching, as well as those that would like to further understand kids and enhance their teaching pedagogy. You will learn how to confidently handle any difficult situation easily and effortlessly to turn your classes into an effective training ground for this age group.

High Performance Warm-Ups

See how the New Zealand Team warm-up for their training sessions run by national coaches.

Other Instructing Videos


Footage showing the founder of Taekwon-Do, Gen Choi Hong Hi instructing at one of his last International Instructors Courses held in Jamaica shortly after the devastation of 9/11.

Instructing Made Fun for Kids

Kids Classes are such an important part of TKD now, with kids making up the majority of members of most schools. In this practical course Mr Chris Broughton explains his approach to teaching kids Taekwon-Do in a fun way by using games.

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