Which part of the square

Coach Johann de Silva starts to get the kids working on ring craft and the ability to control position in the ring.Using games and fun ways for kids to learn these skills is essential, and [...]

Avoid the Side Kick

In this clip Coach Johann de Silva uses a game to learn how to avoid the side kick.The defender must keep the toe inside the square and avoid only by moving the body.The full session is full of [...]

Footwork drills

Coach Johann de Silva took James Carver and Liam Reynolds for a sparring session as part of the DRAGON-WARRIOR Tour Downunder.In this clip you see one of the footwork drills he began the session with.

Combat Master Class

Premium Members, please use the form below to sign-in. This video is available for Premium Members only. Premium Members can […]

Combat Master Class Photos

Stephen Tapilatu and Johann de Silva are a great team. They are always demanding of the students in their classes, while at the same time creating an friendly and fun atmosphere between the. You [...]

Hands up!

We see a lot of competitors sparring with their hands down. Maybe it looks good, but as Sabum Tapilatu points out, that’s all very well until you get a turning kick in the head! A simple piece of [...]

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