Sparring Class: Side Step and Counter

Master Daher gets the students to side step their front foot and punch at the same time, then quickly return the foot with another punch – ultimately to set up a back kick. Simple but [...]

Sparring Class: Body and Head Position

Master Daher builds on the “Side Step & Counter” drill, demonstrating how the positioning of the head, body and feet is important for this drill. He demonstrates the drill quickly [...]

Kicking Class: Flexibility

Master Daher takes the class through two important stretches to improve flexibility. The first is a variation on the splits, where all the weight of the body is taken by the hands. This enables [...]

Kicking Class: Eyes & Breathing

Master Daher talks about how the eyes affect the brain and in turn the ability to kick accurately. This is why the positioning of the targets by the partner is so important. He then talks about [...]

Kicking Class: How high can you kick?

Master Daher challenges a student who has trouble kicking head height to come out and try his technique. By focusing on the chamber of the knee as well as the rotation of the supporting foot, [...]

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