Sparring Session: Little Slide Big Slide

Mr Broughton spends quite some time working with Georgia on getting a small shift followed by a bigger shift of the supporting foot. Sounds easy but it takes a bit of practice to get just right. [...]

Sparring Session: Adding a Kick

Mr Broughton talks about limiting the opponent’s choices by thinking about where the “powerbox” of you and your opponent is. The kick is now thrown, concentrating on leaning the [...]

Sparring Session: Outside the line

As well as moving forward, the drill is now modified to step slightly outside the opponent’s foot. They also work on body position with a flat motion while keeping the knees slight in. [...]

TKD Made Fun for Kids: Creative Games

Chris has a series of great Creative Games he uses to keep his classes interesting and fun. This clip shows one of those called “Pads”. The full course video shows all the Games Chris [...]

TKD Made Fun for Kids: Ball Bounce

Ball Bounce is a brilliant, fun game for kids where they also learn balance & coordination skills along with team work. Great warm up for kids. There are three free videos in this series: [...]

TKD Made Fun for Kids: Animal Walks

Animal Walks are a great Strength & Conditioning exercise for kids and adults alike. This snippet shows some of the ones Chris uses. There are three free videos in this series: Creative [...]

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