Sparring Tips from GMTrajtenberg

Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg was one of the World’s most senior Taekwon-Do instructors, having started training 1968 in Argentina. He is was 9th degree black belt (Grand Master) and former President of the ITF and member of the ITF Technical Committee.

In 2017 we were honoured to have him as a special guest at the ITFNZ Instructors Conference, where he conducted a class on free sparring.

GM Trajtenberg also explored some interesting ideas relating to how to improve your sparring by trying to change just one thing and always trying something new.

1950 – 2022

We are very sad to see the news of GM Tratjenberg passing away this month – April 2022. We at TKDCoaching including all our expert Coaches pass on our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues all around the world.

We are proud to release this video as a tribute to GM Tratjenberg.

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